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    SuperSaiyanSwagga wrote:


    fikeyftw wrote:


    First of all, I made an account just to vote YES on this.
    Are you serious about removing some people's way of playing? I see tons of people that use shotguns, SMG's or assault rifles most of the time, because that's what they like and that's their style of playing. It's exact the same with people that use sniper rifles. It's the way we play the game and how we like to do it. I guess there might be people that actually "enjoy" using grenade launchers all the time, because they are new to the game and by using them they might have a little bit of fun. That's their way of playing. Now I don't see you "remove" any of these. Probably 90% of the community is against grenade launchers, camping, second chance/last stand. Yet you don't do anything to that. So I don't see why you would "remove" quick scoping, when the things I previously named aren't being removed either (yes I know you can't really do anything to camping...). I really don't know why you decided just now, while everyone was really excited about this game, to do something like this. I had really high hopes for this game to be better after hearing you are actually listening to the community. Now you have probably ruined it for alot of people, especially people that make montages (like myself). And not only those people, because there are thousands of people that do not make montages, nor have capture cards. But they still do enjoy this style of playing.

    Now I realise that Modern Warfare 2 made it really easy to quick scope, with sleight of hand pro. Alot of people didn't even mind that sleight of hand pro didn't affect the scoping on sniper rifles. Some are even happier about it. Because they really enjoyed the way sniping was in COD4/WaW.

    Also for a last thing, JD2020 said that it's actually an "exploit" and "it's super easy just press left trigger then right trigger, aim assist does the rest for you" (or something along the lines. Now we NEVER asked for aim assist to be in the game. NEVER. Now I can understand that you make it for newer players. But then give us the option to turn it off? Now I saw that you've done that with Black Ops. Which is a good thing because the aim assist is actually a bad thing for the better players under us.

    Now I hope you read all of this and hopefully you will understand us.

    PS: quick scoping is in basically in (almost) every game that has sniper rifles in it. Counter Strike has quick scopers in it, and yet it's the best standing FPS game of all time. (Not trying to advertise, I prefer COD over CS, but I like both.)

    Three words: Watch some gameplay--- You can tell that you can still quickscope, but it is just much harder to do. Quickscoping will actually take skill again like it did in Cod4.

    I have watched all the gameplay. Infact I was watching the sniper spree video by SL0W (guy posting on here too) almost right after it was uploaded. And that was only the "beta" they can still do things to the actual game. We might even be downloading a patch when we put our disks in our console.
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    This thread is getting so many post my posts are getting pushed back a whole page in 2 seconds!!!!!!
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    In team games quick scopers often end up making your team lose. In Team Deathmatch, they are the ones with the negative K/D. In Domination, they're the ones that rather quick scope than play for the objective.

    In all, quick scoping is a selfish way to play the game and ruins the game for those who want to actually win team games. And another thing, quick scoping is just a pissing contest between kids based around a mechanic that's 70% luck and 30% skill.

    In FFA, however, quick scoping is fine because your own actions determine your own score.

    In fairness to those who are actually good at quick scoping, in Black Ops, the scoping-in speed should be similar to that of COD4 which is fast enough to do the job.
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    Quick scope is very unrealistic, I don't want it in the game

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    Biased poll is biased
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    I voted the second, that its not realistic and not a good game mechanic, I however never really encountered it on the PC side in any COD. In any case, remove Quickscoping and the players will find something else, "Dive-to-prone shot" or whatnot 
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    Smorkin Panda
    Just to combat the comments of reality vs non-reality...Someone asked if people run around firing auto-shotguns with little to no recoil at over 100 yards.  The answer to this is yes.  Go and watch the future weapons episode with the AA-12.  The kill range is supposed to be around 200 yards and if you watch them shoot there is very little recoil.  That is just an example...Besides that I think the key to all of these arcadey FPS games are that they are loosely based on reality.  I think it ends up being a fine line where the reality starts and ends though.  Like the AA-12 after seeing the real one and the specs seems like it is based on reality to some extent but then they made it a little weaker in an attempt to balance it (not that it is balanced lol).

    As for sniping in this manner, keep it in private matches.  I have to agree that it ruins it for me either side of the bullet I am on.  If I have someone in my Domination game doing this my team loses because instead of trying for the objective this worthless player is just running around trying for montage captures and/or kill streaks (not that these are the only people that are not playing for the objective).  If they were all in FFA or even TDM I wouldn't care.  If getting rid of quick-scoping by whatever means necessary makes it so that I have less people in objective games playing for kills then I am all for it.

    I think what this boils down to is that people who are actually good at this are going to keep doing it.  The people who started quick-scoping thanks to YouTube and MW2's crappy coding will be pissed they can't do it but then they will just go look for something new to exploit (hopefully Treyarch has their bases covered on this one hehe).  Honestly that seems to be why people run around trying it so much IMHO. 

    Count me as one more person against this nonsense.
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    Quickscoping in MW2 was bad because of SoH Pro.

    Quickscoping in CoD4 + W@W was not a problem, and was not easy in relation to MW2. 

    I have no experience with CoD 1, 2, or 3 so cannot comment.

    I'd like to see a video showing what was changed...
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    btw this poll is completely inaccurate. So many new accounts being made just to double triple vote.

    < just like this one
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    SnipeZ0r_V2 wrote:


    frace wrote:


    Oh hell no. The youtubers are linking this now. We should have a solid 10,000+ lead in a few hous.

    Who gives a **** about youtubers they are people just like you and me. And they aren't famous and QUICKSCOPING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aren't famous... in the traditional meaning no, people on the street are unlikely to know them.  Are they able to organize a few thousand people with similar beliefs yes.  Let's see you try that
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