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    TektEsq wrote:


    xTz_Shadow wrote:


    Someone's saying that the Quick Scoping community is smaller than we think it is? Once again... Look at EVERY OpTic channel on YouTube. Probably 300k different people? That's ALOT of people if you ask me...

    Subs matter, right? SUB4SUB trades, making tons of fake accounts to increase Sub numbers. It means nothing. Get over it.

    So your saying they Went out and made 300k accounts and subbed to  themselves LOL your smart
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    Flying Kumshot

    SL0W wrote:


    If quick scoping is as impossible as JD_2020 is making it out to be, I'm going to play AFK in online games. Treyarch ruins my gaming experience, I ruin Treyarch's fans' gaming experience.

    Who cares? You'd be a worse detriment to the team QS'ing anyway.
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    BhavikP wrote:


    frace wrote:


    Oh hell no. The youtubers are linking this now. We should have a solid 10,000+ lead in a few hous.

    Which youtubers:D?

    'Zerkaa' and 'OpTic Predator' for now... But really thats enough.

    And the only reason people are joining to vote is because all the people here are probably mature guys whos reactions are to slow to use a sniper so they need to stop what the can't do.
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    Alqzj wrote:


    (I'd like to note all of my points are from the perspective of a PC gamer for many years, and PC has no aim assist.  I have little experience with how the mechanic works and no clue how it affects sniping.  My points are still valid because I intend, as a lot of hardcore gamers do, of playing BO on the PC.  Please do not assume I'm talking about 360 or PS3 because I've no clue how the game is affected by the changes that were not carried to PC.  Thanks)

    As much as people say quickscoping is unrealistic, there's 5000 other unrealistic aspects about the game.  You cannot feverishly attack one and ignore the others, therefor that argument is invalid.

    If someone tubes, you tube back.  If someone quickscopes, you go complain on forums, you do not quick scope back.  Because you cannot quickscope, therefor saying it is OP is invalid(because, for the most part, it takes a great deal of practice to perfect it where you do not go negative).

    Saying it is used to make players play unobjectively while they try to get montage material is invalid because you are addressing a small group of fanboys.  I personally snipe 90% of the time, most of it in SND.  I play with a clan and we play completely objectively.  Some situations do come down to whether or not you can quickscope well enough to kill them.  Showboating aside, it is a valid tactic for killing in certain situations.  So saying it makes EVERYONE play unobjectively is an invalid argument.

    Saying that it is OP if a person "practices enough" is invalid.  I have a friend who plays as much as I do, who always uses SMG's and assault rifles.  We 1v1 all the time, with me always sniping.  Guess who gets their ass handed to them 80+% of the time?  Me.  Because he has reaction time as fast as I do, and he's using a weapon that fires a clip in 1-2 seconds where I get a shot off every one second.
    You can't play the game an hour a day and expect to combat a quickscoper that snipes 5 hours a day, it's completely impractical.
    If someone devotes more time than you to learn a harder aspect of the game than you are using than they deserve to win, every time.

    Saying Aim Assist makes quickscoping too easy is completely invalid for one reason: PC.
    If someone says MW1 or MW2 have aim assist on the PC, they are retarded.  Go play the game.  I've played FPS on computers since CS and I've never played an FPS with aim assist on the computer(I think CS originally implemented it but most servers had the option to turn it off, but I don't necessarily remember because it's been so long and I'm now digressing).

    I cannot speak at all for PS3 or 360, but I know on PC there aren't a ton of snipers that play aggressively.  I cannot speak for how aim assist affects the game because I have played on consoles very rarely.

    I can say it is unfair to the community as a whole to nerf one aspect of the game IF IT IS considered OP on the consoles when on the PC's it is more difficult without the aim assist(Again, I'm not saying that is how it is, I know little to nothing about console sniping).

    PS people are idiots cos they keep trying to relate Call of duty to REAL LIFE.........................

    In closing, I'd like to note you can do whatever you want to to sniping and I will still use a sniper rifle.  It's the challenge in the game that I enjoy.  I started sniping before fanboys arrived and I had no clue who OpTic or Hutch or Grizz were when I started(I wasn't really "into" watching people play games, I'd rather play myself). 
    Make the sniper rifles a giant dildo launcher that have an 85% chance of being non-lethal and you will still see me out there, rocking a .3 kill-death in lieu of using an SMG or AR.

    I support, you 'cos i play on PC too, I QS on PC also but its way harder than console, no aim assist is difficult, and is really a challange which gives me something to practice instead of raging at tubers and other bullshit, if treyarch want to nurf QSing image how HARD its going it be on PC '----' Without no aim assit!
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    QS needs to go.

    Do I get 125 pts for answering?  lol

    Seriously, JD said it all
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    Quick scoping is used in poor taste for the most part and is nothing more then abusing an exploit in the game. Funny, people didn't pull this much of a rant when the javelin glitch was patched or the model 1887's. But to be fair the javelin glitch was much more overpowered then this and was game killing to tell the truth, however, the models was not game killing as you couldn't just rush the other teams spawn with them and not have to worry about dying because of the lever feature after every shot. They had the range of a real shotgun and they got patched, this is an exploit and a ridiculous way to use a sniper so these have been long overdue for a patch.

    Granted, watching montages of quick scoping is cool and entertaining, it's not something that should have been put in the game and is not the way a sniper should be used. I bet you guys would really complain if a shotgun was used in a 'quick shot' method and could kill at long range which is basically the opposite of quick scoping, but you don't look at it that way.

    I'm also going to say that I do agree with the quick scopers in some things however. Quick scoping does take some time to develop and learn the mechanics which I guess would be slightly classified as a 'skill' but it's like saying "hey I got skill in pulling off this exploit!" which doesn't sound very professional in my opinion. Another thing I agree with is that grenade launchers (noob tubes) are overpowered aswell. When I have a good killstreak going and I get 1 hit from a noob tube, rather it be across the map, around a corner, through a window, ect, it really irritates me especially all the work that went into making sure I don't die and being careful about the moves I make, it's cheap aswell. And finally, final stand is ridiculous aswell, i'm not going to say its overpowered because I don't believe it is, but when you take a shotgun at close range or any lethal/quick killing weapon and fire it at someone and they don't die from it, I find to be insane. Now a rifle or sub machinegun from medium-long range and them going into final stand is perfectly fine and legit, just I have a problem with them surviving impossibly survivable lethal shots.

    This message is long enough I think lol, have a good day everyone. I'm going to get some practice in for Black Ops. 
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    xTz_Shadow wrote:


    I hate to say this... But that's already 2 famous YouTubers SUPPORTING QSing.

    Yeah because their opinions are more important than the rest of ours...
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    antigravity19 wrote:


    SnipeZ0r_V2 wrote:


    frace wrote:


    Oh hell no. The youtubers are linking this now. We should have a solid 10,000+ lead in a few hous.

    Who gives a **** about youtubers they are people just like you and me. And they aren't famous and QUICKSCOPING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aren't famous... in the traditional meaning no, people on the street are unlikely to know them.  Are they able to organize a few thousand people with similar beliefs yes.  Let's see you try that

    Um lets see you stop being such a douche.
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    xAlmostPro wrote:


    I guess that's all, not likely that anyone will actually read this but yeah.


    I read it all, very good points. Same with fikeyftw, too bad they will be lost with all the 12 year old 1337 quiiickKkScoperZz and 12 year old pseudo military buffs who watched a clip of Future Weapons on youtube and think they are an authority on guns and tactics.
  • 299. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
    I am almost losing my mind with how many scrubs there are on these forums. They are not removing quickscoping!!!! They are just making it harder to do like in Cod4. If you have true QS skills, which 90% of you do not, you will still be able to own by using QS tactics. As for you other 90% you guys are just mad, because now you're going to get your **** handed to you in Black Ops. I cannot wait to **** these idiots who really thought they were something using all the exploits from MW2. Now see what happens when you do not have gay perks, and OP QS with SOH pro.
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