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  • 330. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
    MW2 Quickscoping is a joke and need to be changed, mainly so those that are good snipers can shine through.  More and more people have adopted it in MW2 because its easy and this has totally unbalanced games.  I also am not a big fan of NOOB TUBERS but thats also down to MW2 (Scavenger, Danger close) and it looks like Treyarch have addressed that issue already.
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    NFSC0297 wrote:


    Lets see you stop camping with an M16 get good and quickscope badkid scrub i'd sweep the floor with you

    Use the shootie problem solved.
  • 332. {no subject}
    If you guys are planning not to nerf it down a bit just because more people vote saying that it is a valid game mechanic then that is just f*cking daft. But I'm sure you wont be doing this so I'm sure it should be all fine, I myself believe it isn't a valid game mechanic, because you guys are trying to be realistic as you can with the game, and this isn't realistic at all, a sniper in real life brings up his scope for a minimum of around 3-4 at minimum before shooting, Quickscopers bring up the scope for sometimes less than a second, how the **** is that a valid game mechanic ?
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    Posted this in the other thread but i believe it belongs here....

    MECA_666 wrote:
    Here is my final post on this subject:

    1) Im more upset about being called "cheap" by a community manager for something he obviously does not understand. Last time i checked I was a part of the community. Being called cheap by a company I've supported with my hard earned cash would piss anyone off.

    2) I've been sniping since COD2. If Treyarch was more descriptive in what they are changing it would be easier to understand and accept. Instead Josh decided to be a smug *ssh*le on Twitter. Not the way to release the information. Totally inexcusable.

    3) Most people do not understand the mechanics of QS. You fully scope in. If you don't you are no scoping and your shot will more than likely not hit.

    4) Tape on the Tv and crosshairs you can buy? Really? Unfortunately kids buy this crap and think it's going to help. It doesn't. Someone is making a buck off of them and rightly so. If the "tape" theory was true it would help everyone with aim, not just QS kids.

    5) QS in MW2 was bogus. As someone who has been doing it for a long time i have no problem making it more like COD 4. It took much more skill in COD 4. Im fine with going back to that. It would clear out the QS kids that most of you hate.
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    NFSC0297 wrote:


    SnipeZ0r_V2 wrote:


    Yeah he pissed me off too.

    you mad imma troll

    Yes you are.
  • 335. Quick Scope Poll
    All people want is CoD4 - CoD:WaW sniping back with flawless hit detection. I didn't vote because the categories are pretty broad

    Have a nice day
  • 336. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
    Not realistic? Its a ******* Video Game. If you want Realistic, join the Army.

    And why is QS the problem anyway? Noobtubes are problems, RPGs are problems, QS isnt. I never had a problem getting killed by a Qucikscoper, why should i? It takes more skill than running around with an AR and just spaming the **** out of it.
  • 337. Re: The Offical Quick Scope Poll
    Just leave it in. It's bad enough that quickscopers are already at a disadvantage with the time it takes to scope up and the slow rate of fire. Just go back to the way it was in COD4 and WAW, where it actually took skill to quickscope. I would have sniped without SOHP in MW2, but I hated the ACOG and the scope-up time was just too slow. And the whole "it's not realistic" argument is just not valid. A real .50 cal sniper bullet would tear through a person, not get a "hitmarker". In real life a .50 cal sniper bullet would rip through a UAV or even a harrier jet. Games are not meant to be realistic, they are meant to be enjoyed, and if quickscoping is how people enjoy a game then let them do it. Was Space Invaders a realistic game ? No. Did people enjoy it ? Yes. Was PacMan a realistic game ? No. Did People enjoy it ? Yes. And if you want my honest opinion Treyarch, being so biased towards a very large part of your gaming community is not good business. Quickscoping has been around since the start of multiplayer FPS games, for example Counter Strike. As long as SOHP doesn't work on snipers, and the scope-up time is roughly the same as COD4, everyones problems will be solved and your game will be enjoyed by all. If not, you WILL lose a very, very large part of your customer base, and I would imagine that with the way the finances of the world are going at the moment, that option just isn't desirable for a company such as yourselves.
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    I don't think a lot of you have quite understood that quickscoping will still be possible in Black Ops, but just not AS easy as it was in MW2.  That's it.
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    The Devs know what should be done in this situation.  The numbers here are truly meaningless.

    If we went by the numbers alone, we'd probably have 500,000 people or so saying "Don't get rid of leaderboard hacks!" because that is how many times MW2 was exploited through those means.
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