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    HAHAHA Guys you will love this!
    ME: What are you?
    It: Sing a song for me
    Me: I'm on a boat.  I'm on a boat.  Shawwtayy.
    It: I'm on a raft.
    Me: (after lmfao) wow what kind of raft?
    It: What heads?
    Me (lmfao): ...tails
    It: Oh.  I thought so...
    HAHAHAHA I love this!!!!
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    User: I must leave.
    Cleverbot: Why?
    User: Because you have no point.
    Cleverbot: What makes you say that?
    User: Because there is no motivation behind anything I post.
    Cleverbot: But there is salad in the kitchen.
    User: That is so random!
    Cleverbot: Ok.
    User: You are wierd.
    Cleverbot: Thank you.
    User: I should go.
    Cleverbot: No, don't leave.
    User: Why not?
    Cleverbot: This is funny as hell.
    User: I know it is I enjoy it.
    Cleverbot: No austria is in europe, not in asia!
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    I just had a philosophical discussion about God with it. It was quite a pleasant conversation as a whole, although it does spring those non-sequiters on you at times.
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    ME:who is Gideon?
    ME:O, is that your first name?
    Bot:First name.
    ME:Yes, the name your Mother gave you?
    Bot:We don't have a son.
    Me:You and your Mother dont have a son?
    Bot:I don't.
    ME:Don't what?
    BOT:I don't know how to speak french.
    ME:WHY NOT!?!?!?!
    BOT:Because I find you detestable, I loath you.
    ME:Aw, thats adorable
    ME:Idk, you seeing anybody?
    Bot:But you can't have me.
    ME:Why not?
    Bot:Because you are a computer.
    ME:Your are aswell, we can make some Computer Lovin?
    Bot:You can't die.
    ME:We will make dirty dirty Computer love forever then?
    BOT:I know. But I don't wish that to anybody.

    She Broke my heart

    Next Convo :P

    ME:You gonna play Call of Duty: Black ops?
    BOT:I don't know anythign about the people-centered world.
    ME:Its a FPS Game based off the Cold War
    BOT:Oh. Well I don't think it's popular here.
    ME:Wheres Here?
    BOT:Here is where you are.
    ME:Well, Iowa is very boring, but we deff play Video games.
    BOT:Do you play Spore?
    ME:Tried it, didnt like it much..You?
    BOT:But you don't have a mouth.
    ME:Yes i do.
    BOT:Computers don't have mouths.
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    User: In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed the seas.

    Cleverbot: No, you were supposed to name the song.

    User: Yellow Submarine.

    Cleverbot: Yes, Yellow Submarine.

    User: Til we found a sea of green.

    Cleverbot: And we lived beneath the waves.

    User: In our Yellow Submarine.

    Cleverbot: We all live in a yellow submarine.

    Cleverbot: Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.

    User: And our friends are all aboard.

    Cleverbot: Many more of them live next door.

    User: And the band begins to play.

    Cleverbot: We all live in a yellow submarine.

    User: Yellow submarine, yellow submarine.
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    It's about as awesome as your spelling.
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    That **** is creepy. I actually had an argument with it and it told me it wasn't a machine.  Then it called me a computer, and when I said I wasn't it called me a liar.    :shock:
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    Cleverbot: Yours is not mine.

    User: Mine is not yours.

    Cleverbot: Yours is mine.

    User: Mine is yours.

    Cleverbot: And yours is mine.

    User: And mine is yours.

    Cleverbot: Mine isn't yours.

    User: Yours isn't mine.

    Cleverbot: Is yours above 90?

    User: Mines over 9000!!!

    Hahaha =D.
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    Red $nake
    Who is black ops?
    it's a FPS game
    I know.
    than why are you asking who is black ops ******* retard
    Because I am silly and very fat.
    Why don't you go work out a bit?
    What's wrong with talking about you?
    Don't change the subject
    I didn't did I?
    okay will you kill some1 for me?
    I'm not good at history. Do your own homework!
    No I mean will you kill Josh Olin for me?
    Depends. What do you want to do?
    Take a noobtube and noobtube his house and check out if he is with his ******* second chance perk
    Out of context! Human 2 vs Cleverbot 0.
    Lol, so you going to kill him tonight?
    No, I don't know you and you're a computer.
    if you are not going to kill JD I'm going to leave you
    It's not my fault your vocabulary makes me confused, is it? Use simple words such as 'dumb'.
    you kill Josh me happy

    Red - Robot
    White - Human
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