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    I've been watching alot of Zombies and some MP gameplay (No SP I'm saving that for my self ) and I'm not at all dissapointed but that's just me
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    rambo9634 wrote:


    nba23airjordan wrote:


    I have 5 hours of MP played and I think it is fantastic.  Guns are good, perks are good, I only have RCXD and Valkerie Rockets unlocked, but killstreaks are good too.  

    The only pain is you have to use COD Points for EVERYTHING!!!!  You can't just level up and unlock guns, you have to unlock them and then buy them with points.  Your emblem editor, every background, every layer every addition costs more and more points.  Points add up quick in combat training, but in regular MP it is tough sledding.

    All said and done, I have more interest in it than MW2.  There are just so many new and innovative things to do with this one.  BTW,  look for the mini-game with in the game Dead Ops.  VERY COOl. 

    Well there is my 2 cents.

    this is the most credible source ive seen so far,even though its not out without leaked versions or luck its still someone who has played the game and gives details of the game. +1

    I am a manager of a video game retail store.  You are damn right I took one home as soon as UPS dropped off the box.  I have played ZOMBIES, which is good, but harder than I recall. I have played the first two levels of the campaign, so far good, but not the thrilling feeling from MW2. 

    In combat training I have ranked up to level 21, and I have a good amount of stuff unlocked and purchased.  It is VERY cool seeing our clan tag on the gun along with the emblem I personally created.  (Nice touches Treyarch).  And in the MP i am up to a level 12.   I have to say that the statistics when you unlock them are overwhelming.  They break down your k/d ration on each weapon, they give you a heat map of where your hit markers are on the enemy.  90% of my hits are between the belt and the groin.  HA.   It is extremely well put together game, no ifs ands or buts.

    I am hoping the game doesn't get ruined but scumbag cheaters and JTAG a holes.  So for now, I am not going back to MW2 for a long while.
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    They said the maps color scheme is boring, not the maps themselves. And by them saying the sound sucks, they mean they can't sound whore like try hards
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    GKNova6- wrote:


    Too many links too say, but alot of machinima directors and people like that

    I wouldnt believe nothing that machinima would say. They are MW2 nut riders. They say every other game is bad except MW2
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    Slasher905 wrote:


    There probably to used to MW2 and how easy that game is but when they change to a harder game they will complain

    exactly! ^^^^ lets review the OP...

    1- harder to kill enemy=i dont die as easily.
    2- boring maps=some random guys opinion, and we have plenty of those these days.
    3- sounds are bad??? i can only comment on the sound of the weapons in MP, and they are 1000 times better than COD's of the past.

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    Salome Harras
    Guns taking longer to kill isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's actually good if you want to encourage skill-based gaming.  One of the main issues with MW 2 is the fact that there are too many one hit kill weapons that are viable, making it a game of ping and raw reflexes than anything else, and for those who don't want to deal with that, they understandably take an overly defensive approach.

    I'm not saying it should be like Halo Reach where it takes an entire magazine (unless you get a headshot) to take someone down with a Battle Rifle, but I don't think it's a good idea to be able to take down 1/2 - 3/4 of a team without having to reload, or even aim down the sights, that only further encourages the lone wolf mentality and uncooperative gameplay that is rampant in Call of Duties.
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    you heard this from one person (Woody).
    1. the maps look awesome
    2. more bullets to kill=more skill
    3. Sounds. who give a ****
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    more bullets to kill=good thing

    all you who complain about that got started or is obsessed with MW2!

    and btw, all my friends who are playing b'ops right now love the fact that it takes more to kill, cant just go and spray a few shots get lucky and kill em, takes skill once again :P

    only bad thing iv heard from my friends is the AK74u is really strong and it gets annoying, heard that more than once by a few people
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    GKNova6- wrote:


    Alright, Things ain't looking too good   
    People are already saying sound is awful
    The maps are boring
    Harder to kill people (which believe me, is a bad thing - you won't be able to spray out a triple kill of noobs, or anything along those lines)

    I really hope it all turns out okay

    And for **** sake, honestly. how am i trolling in any way? This is NOT my opinion, its what people have said. I'm Not an IW fanboy either, i hated mw2 i traded it back for WaW after three months. I havn't even played Black Ops yet, i think it Be good...Can a moderator or  Someone lock this thread please? I don't know how to delete this...

    i think the People  who  are saying that most be halo fanboys
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    Considering how much Machinima has gone downhill, I wouldn't trust any of their directors. And usually when people complain about how bad a game is, it's generally after they just went 6-34.