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NInja Pro not working on 360??

Hi Treyarch folk

Firstly, great game - more balance, love the maps, new killstreaks, guns, wager matches, currency system etc. A nice change after hammering MW2 for 12 months, even though I have to admit that WAW never really grabbed me, so top marks there.

Now I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but Ninja Pro on the 360 does not seem to do anything at all at the moment? I use x41's and am therefore able to hear all the audio clearly, but where it says '+ make no noise at all and hear enemies louder', there's something clearly wrong. The only noise you make aside from footsteps are while reloading, diving to the ground, throwing a grenade, using equipment and climbing through windows etc. ALL these noises are still audible at the same levels with Ninja Pro equipped as they are with the base version of Ninja. There is also no increase in the enemies noise that I can detect through the x41's. Also, with both Ninja and Ninja Pro equipped I can hear my own footsteps clearly while moving when crouched on certain surfaces.

I'm aware that the footsteps have been quietened deliberately and that the base Ninja perk will not really have much impact here, but can you guys confirm you are aware of the above in relation to the Pro version and are looking into it?

Yours expectantly

The Happy Gamer
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    I feel the same way about the NINJA PRO perk.  It doesn't seem to be working.  I couldn't wait to not grunt when I climbed onto something and I still hear it and so do the enemies.  I was reloading in a corner and it was clearly audible in the killcam, after I was shot.

    I would also be interested to hear if this is working as intended.