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Boosters are swarming all the leaderboards.

If you go to your Playercard, then leaderboards, you can then filter the leaderboard to show all players. Scroll to the top of any leaderboard and 99% of the time it's plagued by people with stats that normally would be impossible to obtain. So when you click this person, you can view their recent games and watch their games with the Theater mode. The first top3 people I viewed their games, on every leaderboard. Every game contained boosters, abusing the Split screen Online Multiplayer function, or with friends. It usually consisted of 1 or 2 players doing the Killing, while the rest lay down a tactical insertion and shoot in the air, so their friends can find them, collect the headshot kill and they repeat this over and over until the game finishes.

I watched about 20 games from the top3 of every leaderboard (except free for all), all of them were boosters. Do your part and go to the leaderboards, click the player and report them for boosting. It's out of hand.

It's sad tho, Treyarch has "reset" some of the boosters, yet they still are boosting again, right now. What are the plans to combat this? They're obviously not been banned for it, only reset rank. A clan called "MaFia" are the main boosters who are plaguing the leaderboards.

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    In all honesty, Your wasting your time. People will just boost again if they got reset.

    Leaderboards will never be legit on a CoD Game.
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    read jd's update the leaderboards r all messed up at moment u av to pt it on alltime n friends to gt the ryt stats
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    ya the boards are all buggered up right now due to some sort of software issues. i looked at mine after my first match on the launch night and it said i had 4k kills and 1100 deaths.. i was like......uuuuhh....did i just pass through a time portal?.....why dun i have a beard?.....hmm

    dont worry about the leaderboards for now.. they will be fixed eventually!
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    Boosters should cop a 2 week ban along with a reset, in my opinion. Repeat offending could result in a longer or permanent ban.

    What does it matter to Treyarch if a few scummy players are no longer playing their game online? They've already paid for it anyway.
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    Let's hope treyarch keep to their promises and properly punish boosters.
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    Mr Redneck0
    Yea i got kind of scared when i looked at my leaderboard stats for Core TDM.  Says i have like 78k kills 36k deaths which is impossible... I was scared that i was going to get banned for boosting or something lol.  Thank god for combat record, actually has my really kdr and all that other cool stuff. 

    (Btw, i hit people in the crotch a lot for some reason lol.)
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    Had a look at the leaderboards just for SnD and it is frieghtening how many sad ass boosters there are out there, Every single player in the top 30 at least are boosting , I say the top 30 as they are the ones I actively checked out by watching a video or 2 from their play where it is blindingly obvious they are boosting or getting boosted through games .

    I don't get what these idiots get from this . If it's for bragging rights then thats idiotic as anyone can look at their player card and see they have been cheating their way there. They gain nothing from this except to spend countless boring hours playing against static stan still people who let themselves be killed for friends. I hope all of the people who are found to be carrying on with this behaviour are banned permanently , But then looking at how many people have a main acc name then 2-3-4-5 copies of their main with "Playername 1" and such is disturbing. I hope Treyarch can get this sorted and get these kids out of the game they ruin things for everyone.
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    Recent MODS were just released. I can't even go positive. What's the point of playing anymore. This games sucks ass now!!!