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Gave me a laugh.

So i brought WaW about 6 months ago roughly and didn't properly play it. Mainly because of the fact my Xbox wouldn't connect so no Live and no me and mates playing zombies, just playing on my own. Not as fun so i shut the case with the disc inside and occasionally got it out.

Moved house (kinda) Live now fine after the update of the dashboard, played it earlier and i have to say. Had more fun playing that than i ever did on MW2.

Yeah highest killstreak 4 but still it was fun! I had downloaded the map packs which had actually taken about a whole day and a half spread over about a week! What was your first memory of WaW? because this one will be mine
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    Mine was getting killed over and over again on Outskirts.
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    Lol, sounds fun I cant even remember what map Outskirts is cause i havent played it at all!
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    Hmm... my first match was on Cliffside, and I managed to get a few kills with the Type 99.

    That's all I really remember.
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    (PS3)My first real memory... it wasn't my first game, but it is one that I remember. It was HC TDM on Upheaval and at the end of the game I had gone 10 kills and 22 deaths-I really sucked-and some guy on my team was just going over the top mad at me. I laughed to myself because I was such a noob.
    I'm a lot better now, my best game so far is 102 kills and 16 deaths with 3 flag captures on Courtyard HC CTF.
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      Well done, i've nown given up on Waw, onto Black Ops i guess  if my connection ever gets better. Any ideas?
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    When My mom called me upstairs and showed me the case in her hands, I eyes widened and I was so very happy. She gave me the case and then drove my brother to football. I remember looking at the front and back, i was so happy.

    This was when I was 11, my first game I got near-release date.

    That was my first, and probably best memory, with WaW (although it has nothing to do in-game).
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    HC Search and Destroy on Dome. on pc, this was epic. nade spams, it was a ******* laugh man, i need to reinstall this game  pronto
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    Can't really remember (wish I could).

    But I love W@W. Good times, good times.

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    Master Higgins
    Mine was on the day it came out, when I owned a PS3 before I bought my 360. I used type 99 and Thompson on Makin and finished 8-1 Yay Dogs!!