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!**! To the DEV !**!

Hi and welcome DEV on my thread..

I'm a totally not xbox360 user but an PC user.
But since you (DEV) are ignoring our pc community i thought i'll just post it here since there are more DEVS on the XBOX360 forums than the PC forums.

Please dont ignore us gamers (PC) and go to the point where we all need an update to fix this awesome game (I dont mean this only to the pc but also to all the console gamers)

Please do what you have promise us and read the Pc community forums. There is a hugh lagg problem ingame from day1 and there are random crashes on the PC what needs to be fixed since this happen from day1. There is also a hugh problem with random freeze where the game crash since day1...

To the XBOX 360 here that obv will whine about this post from me because its the wrong senction.
Dont bother me with all the whine i will ignore it anyway this was only to say the DEV does not need to ignore our forums.

-- KimboCake --