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    i agree put me on supporters list
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    rokhead wrote:


    i agree put me on supporters list

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    BeastOfFate wrote:


    I've officially quit this stupid game. I don't see any guns other than the 8 automatic assault rifles or the Ak74u being used, EVER. I'm so bored that I actually went back to MW2 to get some decent gaming in. There is literally no reason to not pick an Assault Rifle in Black Ops because by doing so, you get ZERO DOWNSIDES. There is absolutely no reason to pick an SMG/LMG/Sniper over ANY of the Assault Rifles because they are too multipurpose. The maps themselves are a goddamn disaster and most of them I despise not only because of their stupidly cluttered layout, but absolutely ridiculous spawn system. Why am I switching sides and being spawned on SO MANY TIMES IN LAUNCH?

    None of the design decisions make sense, either. Why the **** did Treyarch include 10 Assault Rifles and SMGs when the three other classes combined barely have enough to equal ONE of the other classes? Why do half the Assault Rifles do exactly the same damn thing (750 RPM, 3-4 hits, 936 RPM, 3-4 hits, semi-auto 2-3 hits)? Same with the SMGs, too. The sniper patch was supposedly included because the casuals that got to play the beta whined that it was too cheap. So you take it away, DESPITE the majority (note: all except 1) being extremely sniper unfriendly AND THEN go on to say that you have no intention of bringing quickscoping back? WTF? So instead of just letting everyone play how they want to, Treyarch decides that the hardest guns to use have to be even harder (lol) simply because of a mechanic that was designed to help newbs (aim assist) is apparently not beneficial enough to noob-friendly guns. Assault Rifles dominate EVERY GAME I play because of how freaking useful they are.

    Treyarch, adding higher chest/neck/head multipliers for snipers isn't going to do ANYTHING. Do you not see the flaws in not allowing quickscoping to be performed? You're basically telling the sniping community that because of aim assist, we shouldn't be allowed to do anything but sit and camp unless we're playing against retards with the reaction time of a mentally handicapped turtle.

    I'm absolutely, 100% done with CoD games. If Treyarch is going to let casuals dictate how the game plays out, I suppose I'll just head to the PC for my gaming. Where there isn't aim assist.

    P.S. I can guarantee that if Treyarch just disabled aim assist for everyone and took the sniping patch off that snipers would dominate every game? Why? Because we're better players.


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    Good for you.   Have fun playing the 1.6 of COD
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    SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in cod 5 u were able to use some skill and kill a guy from the otherside of the map and then later nosope as u changed spots i also wanted to say that treyarch has ruined sniping cuz u cant get colats anymore
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    xSAS JaMmYzZ
    Sniping is fine. No problems with it.
    Stop complaining.
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    The petition with 12K signs says "Save black Ops Quickscoping", not "Fix sniping in black ops.