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  • 60. Re: Map pack 1 announced.
    here's an idea:

    if you want to purchase the map pack, do it. if not, don't. either way, save the complaining for someone who cares.

    you don't see anybody walking into Footlocker and telling off a manager "Why are Jordan's $125 a freakin' pair?"
  • 61. Re: Map pack 1 announced.
    Can't educate pork. Shame.
  • 62. Re: Map pack 1 announced.
    people won't agree with me, so i'll resort to name-calling.

  • 63. Re: Map pack 1 announced.
    Exactly the same rants when the first 1200ms mw2 dlc was announced and even though t was slated people bought it in their millions and the follow up one...

    theres no point blaming 3arch/iw or activision for the pricing you should blame everyone who paid the last time round

    and now we're going to have the same hype driven tweets and comments from 3arch and some new cool looking promo videos of basically maps that weren't good enough to be included in the original game (berlin and discovery) which i assume they have just textured and the original layout will be the same so all the old screenshoots and maps already out will be correct.   in sure the other  "maps" are just some of the other ones renamed although the stadium one does seem to be new ..guessing its going to be based on that famous ice hockey match between russia and usa maybe.

    what you have to remember is dlcs are a cash cow of mammoth proportions...the maps were basically made dring the game dev.. they dont need to spend anything on packaging ..the file just gets sent to the xbl servers ...so nowadays companies prefer to put as little in for the most money and knock out a few dlcs .... its a shame but a fact of life when you deal with the big corparate game companies
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    when does it come out ??? :P
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    Map pack looks BEAST. Hope that Stadium is really complex, with all the tunnels and stuff. Hopefully one of these maps will be suited to long range, so that there is actually some maps for snipers. Roll on release day!
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    Harry xZ
    Do you know when they are coming out
  • 67. Re: Map pack 1 announced.
    i can't wait this game needs maps.

    i actually deleted my MW2 map pack because there was so much exploration to do to the maps, even after playing for such a long time. this game however i need moaaar.
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