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    Platinumb wrote:


    Kastro187420 wrote:


    I don't really see the problem. I use the Spy Plane almost always, and typically see around 4 dots, if not more. Yes, there are sometimes less, but that's just because people aren't forced to choose between it and Stopping Power. On average, when I call in my spy plane, It works about as well as you'd expect for a 2-3 killstreak.

    I do agree about the Ghillie Suit thing though.. it'd be nice to know if I'm getting ready to rush a Sniper, or a guy with an AK74.

    Based off what I see everyday and what my friends on PSN say in their comments, I am pretty sure that Ghost is abused and is rarely used how it was intended to be. Even that one experienced player using Ghost will be a nuisance.

    I see why people rather use RC-XDs now. 

    and how is ghost supposed to be used? You can't abuse a passive perk like Ghost. Just because alot of people use it doesn't mean that it's being abused or not being used correctly. It's being used just as the developers intended
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    My thread on this:


    See page 5 for my latest reply involving ghost being overused/overpowered.
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    Tura Satana
    Some of ya'll rely on the spy plane too much.. and this is coming from someone who never runs without it. The spy plane is not going to do all the work FOR you. You still have to be careful and expect the unexpected. I guess it WOULD be nice to know where EVERYONE is all the time. But tough titties. Sometimes you gotta be smart and use your own cunning to survive.
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    The issue with ghost is that you don't need to give anything up in return. In Call of duty 4 you had SP, jugg, and uav jammer.  If you used SP, you would show up on the radar when you enemy uav came up. If you used jugg or uav jammer, you would get uav invisibility or extra health at the expense of extra bullet damage. The same could be said about MW2, just substitute jugg with DC.

    Since all guns do the same base damage, you really aren't giving anything up when you use ghost. That is why there are so many ghost users. The only blue perk that seems to be equal to ghost in terms of usefulness is flak jacket. lightweight makes you go faster... really isn't all that useful in comparison to flak and ghost. Hardline makes it so that you get your kill streak one kill earlier. Again, I'd rather be able to be invisible or pretty much take random deaths out of the equation then get my killstreak one kill sooner. Scavenger has lost its usefulness with the extra ammo attachments that are on a lot of the smgs and ars(can't remember the name).
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    In response to the OP:

    I use ghost to combat the people like you that run around staring at the radar "dot hunting". Learn to develop your situational awareness instead of whining about a legit perk setup.

    You people would not believe how poor these "dot hunters" play when there radar is useless. On many occasions I've had people run in from behind me and just walk right past me because I'm not on their radar lol! It's so funny how Ghost+anything+hacker w/strella launcher makes you completely invisible to pretty much all the scrubs playing this game.

    THE most entertaining thing in this game by FAR is running an entire team with Ghost+hacker w/strella's, we demolished a bunch of tryhard AK74 nubs so hard the other day. Any Uav/air support they put up lasted no longer than 5 seconds, so much fun
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    Pwnage19 wrote:


    You realize you are complaining about a perk countering a 3 Killstreak? Is Flak Jacket overpowered because you can survive almost any explosion? Of course not.

    Think back to MW2 (when customizable Killstreaks were first introduced), and you will remember how uncommon UAVs were. Hardly anyone used UAVs, but we still got by. Now in Black Ops, the Spy Plane is a very common Killstreak. You know what that means? The Community has become dependent on them.

    And if I recall correctly, didn't the Community want less emphasis on Killstreaks in Black Ops? Well, we got that, and now you guys are complaining about it. It's pitiful really.

    Ghost - Hidden from Spy Plane
    Ghost Pro - Hidden COMPLETELY from Sentry Guns and Attack Helicopters. No Red Diamond on Valkyrie Missiles, Chopper Gunners, and Gunships.

    I suppose it's time to start using Counter-Spy Planes, SAM Turrets, Napalm Strikes, Blackbirds, Rolling Thunders, and Attack Dogs.

    I completely agree and this is exactly how I feel. It was MW2 that basically allowed me to ween myself off UAVs. They were very rare in MW2, despite Stopping Power being the most popular perk, making UAVs extremely effective. Yes, people have become more dependent on UAVs again. Early on in Black Ops I found myself doing the same, but it's not a good way to play. When you're way too into the mini-map, it hurts you. Use your eyes and look at the battlefield in front of you.
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    Can you use blackbird to counter ghost users? Or does the blackbird not work on ghost pro. I am set up with the blackbird for team objective games an it seems to work out pretty well. Sorry to sound ignorant but I do not use ghost,therefore do not really know it's capabilities. I do know that you do get a lot more blimps on the mini map than the uav.
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    The first tier perks are perfectly balanced and each of them suit a particular play style.

    That being said there are a bunch of killstreaks that can counter a ghost/ghost pro user:

    Rolling Thunder

    Oh and don't forget motion sensors.
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    Gross1985 wrote:


    And I do admit that I've seen a lot of Ghosters in MP recently, and I don't know what the surge of Ghosters is all about.

    I know exactly what it's about. They killed Hardline Pro by taking away the ability to change SAM turrets.
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    Spy planes are a "kill streak reward" what don't you get about that? Your not meant to have spy planes up 24/7.. theres a reason players use ghost and just FYI what comes to mind when you say "Black Ops" stealth right? So ghost is a top priority in this game.. do I hate it when I get a spy plane and theres only 1 to 2 players that show up on the map? Yes. Is there anything I can do about it.. yes just use ghost & hacker since its stealthy and detects enemy equipment(8 times out of 10 players are near there own equipment). Using ghost is smart and I don't care who calls me pathetic or whatever you wanna call it.. it's the way I play and you can **** off if you don't like it.
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