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Zombies- Glitches+Bugs

I have decided to turn this massive thread into a zombies mega-thread. It will include all glitches and requests that forum users may suggest, with the hope that a developer will glance at the thread from time to time. I will update this very frequently, let the suggestions fly!
Zombies website: (Wiizombies.tk)


1. Multiple players have reported getting stuck in corners after a zombie hits them, and being unable to move until they are downed.

2. Connection issues have risen greatly since the most recent patch, players have been forced to quit matches due to extreme lag and/or getting kicked. Usually this has been happening at low rounds (1-15).

3. Sometimes crawlers (and maybe regular zombies) can 1-hit kill you even if you had juggernaug.


Caliber2 wrote:


- BOOT DIRECTLY TO MULTIPLAYER: An option to boot the game directly to the multiplayer or zombies modes would be handy; this has already been implemented on the other platforms.

Note: This was only recently made a thread about glitches, so the first 7-8 pages are irrelevant.
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