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Patch causing EXTREME Choppiness?

Pre-patch I experienced basically no choppiness.

Post-patch anytime there is lots of action my wii starts throwing up all over itself and the game becomes amazingly choppy.

To go into further detail, lets say the sequence of events is A, B, C, D, E.  My screen will display A, C, and E.  In between there is a brief pause as if the wii is trying to keep up with all of the action and failing.  I keep moving and pressing the buttons as if I expect the full sequence to occur and the Wii seems to register these actions so it's not a connection issue.  It seems to be a software/hardware management issue, mostly graphical.

This chop is most extreme on action-packed maps like firing range, havana, nuke town.

Wii_Admin or JD_2020 am I the only one experiencing this?  Is there a fix planned?  It's seriously taken a lot of the fun out of the game and I only play when I've in the mood to deal with choppiness.

If anyone knows something I can do on my end let me know.  Restarting the Wii doesn't help...
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    I think I know what you are talking about.   I have not experienced frame rates that are a lot worse, but since the patch, I have on occasion noticed that the entire screen pauses for a split second.  Long enough for you to wonder if the game has frozen completely.
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    Not only did the host framerate become worse than before, it also started hard freezing as host, meaning a forced restart. The host thing was alot better pre-patch.

    I would rather play it like it was pre-patch, this host freezing is pathetic.
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    I'm running Black Ops off an SD card (dont worry I bought the game legit!), and it runs much smoother than the disk.  I still get major frame rate issues when I'm host, and even sometimes when I'm not host. For example: If in Radiation, I'm up on the ledge by all the tank things in the big building, my frame rate REALLY lags when I look across the map at the portion with the door controls.
    Anyways hope this gets fixed soon!
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    i was thinking it was my connection, extreme lag, but i dont think its the same for all, my kill ratio has gone from 1.6 to 0.4, im going to put the game away for now, to aggravating.