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    theHum3n8r wrote:


    Hey can they remove guns too? People keep panic shooting me it's like as soon as they see me they pull the trigger. Seriously though it's getting kind of ridiculous.

    This is the best quote yet.. If you dont like knifed find a game without them man

    I don't particularly like those bloody rc,s but I live with it because it's all part if the game, rough with the smooth eh?
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    jon don wrote:


    Its panicking... you see someone when you walk round a corner and you grasp your controller making you click the r3 stick and knife your enemy.
    i play on tactical and i think thats how it should be if you want to have an overpowered knife make it harder to access...

    Me personally, I don't grasp my controller when I see someone come around a corner, I'm already holding my controller in my hands when I play.  My thumb is also on the joystick already because it just so happens to be the device that lets me aim/look in game, which usualy allows me to hit it pretty quick when I need to.  Does this stop me from getting knifed?  No, people beat me to it all the time, but I don't think there's any major imbalance in the game because of the way the knife currently works.  Whether it's a jerk rection or a legitimate effort, dying because somone knifed you once in the leg is just as frustrating as dying because someone shot you 6 times in the foot.  I don't think making the knife a 2 hit kill would really offer any kind of improvement to the game other than appeasing a small percentage of players based on play style or controller preference.

    If you choose to play with the tactical layout then that's your choice.  You use it knowing that it has potential disadvantages to knifing.
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    panic knife? you just mad cause your freaking slow or dropshot so u cant knife as fast. only thing thats wrong is the almost commando shizzel from mw2 on bo . But if they havent fixed it @ mw2 it wil take these guys 10 years so get over it!
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    i freely admit to lots of panic knifing .. its reflex action .. i'd do it in real life too if i walked around with a knife (which i don't!) and bumped into someone with a gun .. good reflexes are surely key to playing a good game. Annoyingly Black Ops stabbing is a whole lot more hit and miss than it was in Modern Warfare so half the time when I do it as a planned 'sneak up and quietly stab attack' it doesn't work and I just end up flailing around like an idiot.
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    DEMONKINGX6 wrote:


    lee_H wrote:


    This has now reached a pointless bit of the discussion. You haven't won support for your point, yet you continue to restate it. People don't mind it, it works both ways. It's easier to do if not using tactical layout. A lot of us don't panic, but are ready to knife you. Sometimes I get shot in the foot 3 times and die, so what - I've probably done the same to someone else. Seriously, how many times has this killed you? What % of your deaths is it? It's really not worth worrying about.

    look you have your opinion i have mine i got some people who agree with me on this & also treyarch was thinking on doing this & if they did you'll be right here complaining as well so lets end this & try having a open mind next it dont hurt

    Where the hell did you see that treyarch is thinking this NO WHERE on this forumn does this appear.
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    There should be a system in place as follows.


    Leave the knifing mechanic as is.


    If you are currently at 100% health and you knife someone, that should be a one hit kill.


    However if you are hurt and have say 80% of your health, then your knife attack should only account for 80% damage on another player.  If the player that you knife, and inflict 80% damage on, gets shot by another player shortly thereafter you would get an 80 point assist.


    Knifing should still be a 2 hit kill even if your health is below 50%, however if you only get one knife on the guy before he kills you then it should still only inflict as much damage as the health you have.  A way to balance this could be to make your recovery from the knife lunge shorter if you knifed a guy when you were damaged, giving you more of a chance to shoot/2nd knife the enemy player after you already knifed him once.  Some tweaking with the mechanics could be needed...


    Another possibility is that if you knife someone when you have less than 100% health, then the player doesn't die but goes into last stand...just a thought.


    This would reduce one hit kill knifing to situations where you sneak up on someone, or quickly knife them when you come around a corner or doorway.  In such cases you deserve to be knifed because you either got snuck up on, missed with your gun or knife, or were slower at the knife than the other player.  All of which are fair gameplay mechanics.


    This system leaves the current knifing system basically intact and wont be as much of a shock as making the knife a default 2 shot kill.  Which in my opinion would nerf the knife to the point where no one would use it, and at that point you mid as well remove it entirely.  Gameplay in COD is too fast for a default 2 hit knifing system.  I hope they don't resort to that.

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    As you are all probably aware knifing in the campaign is almost a cut-scene affair and it takes a few seconds, always from behind. Plus, the soldiers have to draw the knife first.


    With this in mind, multiplayer is quite contrasting as all of the following are possible...

    - 3-5 metre lunge

    - insta-kill knife action through bullets (whilst being shot at)

    - unsighted jerk-reaction to passing enemy over-the-shoulder and behind 180 degree stab


    My suggestions are...

    - require the knife to be drawn for an instant swipe (in the same way that secondaries are drawn). This can be the fastest kind of weapon switch (faster than pistols), very fast in fact. SLEIGHT OF HAND PRO and/or SCOUT PRO could reduce the knife draw time.

    - STEADY AIM PRO could unlock a TACTICAL KNIFE attachment on any weapon which supports DUAL WIELD (the attachments cannot be used together, just the knife with the pistols, HS10 shotgun or small SMG's). All this will achieve is to take away the switch time when using that weapon (knife is out already).

    - knife attacks from the rear must be at zero range (less than 1 metre) and are one hit kills taking 0.5 - 1 second (longer than settings now), this will pose dilemmas upon entering a room with 2-3 enemies with their backs to you, and increase effectiveness of a silencer in such a setting. In fact such an assault would be ideal for a silenced pistol/knife combo kill.

    - knife attacks from the front will only work when no bullet hits are taken (knife vs no defence), for example, BLACKBIRD is up and you corner ready to stab enemy who is known to be there. You would need to attack at zero range again or risk falling short. plus you would have to be on a collision corse to eliminate this random and spontaneous unsuspecting 180 degree insta-kill passing strangers stab.

    - knife attacks through bullets should fail via flinching, perhaps one bullet hit flinches and damage taken from knife is reduced, and a couple of bullets makes the attack miss altogether and player must try again or use a gun. In these scenarios, range for knife attack should also be zero (less than 1 metre) or else attack falls short.

    - knife vs knife, in a setting where both attack with a knife, simultanous hits should result in a knife clash or block, a metallic sound can ring out (distinctive to nearby players for example) and neither player takes damage. When knife vs knife, simultaneous attacks should cause flinching which reduces potency perhaps requiring a 2-stab kill. If one knife attack is completely accurate and the other not so accurate, both should take proportional damage, so accurate could be 50 damage and inaccurate 10-40 for example. If attacks are not simultaneous, then the first with an accurate attack achieves the scenarios listed at the top of this list (zero range, one hit kill).

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    >>>Grow up?

    >>'Cause instead of because (two more letters not even an inch diagonal)

    >please off yourself. what are you 9?

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    Just because YOU don't panic knife doesn't mean 99.99999% of every other default layout person doesn't.  Plus what you said sounds exactly like a panic knifer, maybe you're just used to it but it's panic knifing buddy. 

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    Sily little default layout panic knifers trying to defend it.  Tsk use your gun more, stop relying on that sissy knife.