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im new any tips

hey im new to BO pc and would welcome anytips l
and were will we be getting first strike
how our controls??
Does pc get all features??
Finding matches??
Voice chat through webcam???(supported in some games wondering if in bo)
and cant wait to play
ploz repley
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    coming to these forums asking a question like that is like asking satanists how they feel about god. Flat out,most people go to forums to *****. otherwise why would they be here? i would do research somewhere other than here. My life has been better since i only came here to see patch updates and avoid the crying and whining that seems to prevalent in almost any forum. I just thought i would take moment to warn you firsthand so you dont have find out the hard way like i had to 
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    Read the "readme" file, then if you ever had played long enough on a pc you would know the answers to your questions,
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    tip #1 you should have asked for tips before you bought the game

    Tip#2 dont play this horrible game return it to the store you bought it from and get HomeFront!!!!!