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Looking for 360 clan, Serious replies only please.

Okay so a little about me then about my gameplay stats and what-not.  I'm 22, from the south.  I'm in the military and have been for 5 years now, 11B for anyone who might know what that is.  Lets see, I use Turtle Beach x41's, big tv ya know blah blah. Well I've never done MLG or GB's but i'm down for it.  I mainly play Hardcore HQ, but will play other gamemodes.  My K/D is .98 and the reason why is my lil brother plays on my account alot.  Bc if you play with me I dont play like a .98 K/D player.  I almost always pull 40+ kills with minimum deaths. But anyways if you want to know anything else as in: perfered weapons, class setups, even my GT. But please don't post any of that visit our website crap. If your serious about it then talk to me like a person.