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    The whole idea for a online multiplayer FPS is for players to adapt to other players and find ways to kill them and prevent enemies from killing them. You can't fix everything in a game so you do good. I personally don't use the AK74u that much. I use the M60 or other non SMG guns and play a little bit slower than the people with the AK74u so they run to me and I can just pick them off. Of course then I'm called a camper but thats a different topic.
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    Seahawks Fan
    The AK-74u is perfectly fine the way it is.
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    I love tantrums like these, helps me fulfill my "be polite, be efficent, have a plan to kill everyone you meet" motto. 74u is NERFED, should I type that again? NERFED NERFED NERFED NERFED NERFED NERFED. It's has had one of the attachment completely be turned into a simple filler, all because people like you whined too much. Now you want it should it have done to it? I want an answer from OP. What should be done to it EXACTLY?

    j1o2n3n4y wrote:


    "Paper is fine. Nerf Rock!" -- Scissors

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    MastaDisasta94 wrote:


    I can't stand this gun its so overpowered! It seems like its the only gun in this game taht has stopping power. Even when I pick one of the ground and use it I think its overpowered. Anyone agree?

    You have not used the Spectre buffed w Rapid fire, right? It takes out an AK74u user in no-time  Also Previously mentioned MPL is much faster but I prefer Spectre.
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    The ak74u wasn't even that bad before it was patched, now it's just not a favourite for me anymore, but it does seem more balanced. OP is bad, gtfo. The gun isn't overpowered but you sir are underpowered.
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    Two Steps From Hell wrote:


    Thy should make a realistic game mode then. People would care much more for accurate weapons instead of power.

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    I just love how many people bashed on you for this. I can promise you everyone of them is running around with the Ak74 with grip + rapid fire.

    This gun is by FAR overpowered. If it can have rapid fire then why can't all the other assault rifles too. The ak74 is AN ASSAULT RIFLE.

    The ak74u variant is a slow firing, pee shooting, piece that is rarely used today due to it's unreliability. Anyone that argues for it is a user of it cuz they can't get kills with any other gun and have to use the super weapon. Treyarch unfortunately doesn't have the brain capacity to do a little research into the history of almost all aspects of this game. While some developers like Slant Six took every gun in their game and fired them to get their stats just right. Treyarch went and **** in each other's mouth and whoever had the most corn got to pick the stats.

    Don't worry man, there are plenty of players on these forums that agree 100% with you. What I find most funny is that most of the COD fan boys on here that say COD can do no wrong, started playing FPS's with COD and have no idea what a sound game is like.

    I on the other hand started on the Doom Port to Genesis (dont know what that is, take some time and study history). Wanna argue about this with me fine, you better know what your talking about with FPS's and study up on your history of the cold war and weapons. I dont have time to waste on fanboys and shitty developers
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    cool beans

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    Pick up an AUG, and practice with it. As long as the guy with the AK74U isn't lagging, you should be fine. AND happier.

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    i like it. I used the AK74u during my second 30-0 FFA

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