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I am completely disgusted with this game and Treyarch

I bought this game with high hopes. The campaign was fun, but as more and more patches came out to fix problems that shouldn't have existed in the first place, my game became more and more broken. I lagged, badly, and it wasn't an issue on my end. I even lagged just trying to screw around with my emblem. One map consistently lagged for me every time I played. Trying to get on a good server was insane, and trying to get into a wager match was just...ugh it was so, so frustrating. I could never find a server; it was either empty, and no one joined, or full.

And zombies! Oh ho, zombies, how you let me down. I wanted this game strictly for zombies, because I loved it so much in WaW. What I got was difficult-to-join-with-a-friend games that only stressed me out, sub par maps with nothing interesting or new in them (that I cared about), and lots and lots of lag despite doing everything within my power to fix it. And there was nothing wrong with my PC. I should have been perfectly capable of handling the game, and yet it lagged relentlessly every single time I played. Not being able to play zombies with the only person I wanted to play it with SUCKED, and that's on top of the issues he and I ran into when we wanted to play MP on the same team (spoilers: we couldn't - not easily).

And now First Strike. Thank you, Treyarch, for that final nail in the proverbial coffin. You guys are screwing us SO HARD! You demand $60 for a game that wasn't worth even $30 what with the level of unplayability it had SINCE THE DAY IT LAUNCHED. And you know what? There were still no fixes for the main problems I and many others had, that I've noticed. Still to this day these problems are going completely unfixed for us PC players, and now you want MORE money from us? Are you insane?

You can only screw us so much before we get sick of it. We were already sick of it. And now this. Why do you insist upon screwing us over?

With WaW, we got the DLC last because we got it for free, as PC players. Now we have this HUGE delay, and...why? It's certainly not because you're simply giving it to us.

Stop giving your PC community the short end of the stick! As it is, I want nothing more to do with any future CoD games, especially not from Treyarch. You've just obliterated your PC community, and it's like that just wasn't enough; now you want to kick us in the ribs while we're down. I don't care why you're screwing us. I don't want to hear "B-b-b-but Activision made us do it!" Regardless of the hows and whys, it all boils down to one singular, blatantly obvious point: You guys don't give two ***** about your PC community anymore, to the point that you won't even make the game work LIKE IT DOES FOR CONSOLE PLAYERS. Excuse the hell out of me for not shelling out for a console just to enjoy your piece of crap, doesn't-even-work game. And let's not forget the coup de gras: THE GAME IS A ******* PORT. A CHEAPASS, PIECE OF CRAP PORT. GAHHH you guys used to be so good!

I'm done. Not just with this post, but with any games Treyarch ever releases in the future. Better yet, Activision, too. And for good measure I'll go ahead and say the laughably pitiful remains of Infinity Ward, too. Screw every future CoD and any other piece of crap you guys decide to make in the future. You'll certainly see none of my money ever again.

Now let's see if this will even post, or if the forums are still broken like the last time I tried to post. lol

ADDED 3/22: I am SICK AND TIRED of us PC players being ignored. JD_2020 isn't even TRYING to communicate with us. Go look at his tweets; I've tweeted him 3 times in the past two days or so and though he's been online, he hasn't said a damn thing about it. I doubt he's even seen this thread, which I've linked to with every message. This is just DISGRACEFUL, Treyarch. If you're going to sell out **** for $60, no one can stop you. But at least man up and step up to the ******* plate. At least don't act like none of this is happening, because it is, and you're just making it that much worse.
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    If only your great post won't be ignored.
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    Ha, thanks. I don't know if it's funny or sad that I already expected it to be ignored. Probably both.

    I might just run over to Twitter and forward it to JD enough to annoy him. After all of those bullshit "DURRR LOOK HOW AWESHUM OUR GAME IS HURRR" posts he kept spamming me with, it's only fair.
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    My thoughts exactly. I think it's disgusting that they chose to charge for the DLC considering how small the userbase already is (MW2 PC consistently has a higher peak players number) and the number and severity of issues that people are having. Add Treyarch's inability to communicate with the fanbase and their disregard for quality and standards and I'm done. Treyarch is in my opinion, the worst game developer. I'm not talking about their games (but really, what did you expect from a company whose past games were garbage and averaged at a 60 Metacritic score?) but their development process and philosophies. I'd be surprised if this doesn't become a case study for Software Engineering and Computer Science programs around the country on how NOT to develop. It's really upsetting that Activision is closing the competent developers while keeping the low-tier like Treyarch because they are established as the "Call of Duty guys" now. So Activision isn't keeping them because they're good, but because they are needed for the CoD franchise. I thought Treyarch would finally rid their status as the "B-Team" for good with Black Ops but I guess they have that title for a reason.

    It's been a fun ride Treyarch. I'm done with your incompetency. Call me when your employees go through a re-education process, especially those with leadership positions. You guys are a ******* joke.

    It sucks that Valve won't give refunds for games. I'll even take a penny or a Team Fortress 2 hat I'll never wear to get this piece of **** game off of my Games list.
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    SF| Homeslice
    Wow, very well said.
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    To kdyg:


    I'm tired of them blatantly ignoring us as well. I've made threads before, and I've definitely sent messages on Twitter and I've never seen a reply. JD only ever replies to someone that's kissing his (or his game's) ass, and even then, he only replies so that he can join the asskisser in kissing his own ass.

    To Homeslice:

    Thank you very much!
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    Why aren't there more people like this guy in charge of community manager and telling Treyarch/Activision what the PC community wants? No, no, no, instead we have the schnub tool known as Josh Olin.

    I was almost certain we would get the DLC for free...after the half-ass game we were given that had terrible stuttering/low framerate issues that many still have, the fact that we can't party up, no high roller wager match, late patches, lack of communication, and over all ignoring the PC community. We've had sponsored DLC's for the last 2/3 CoD games. MW2 being an exception as it was matchmaking.

    I honestly can't believe they're actually going to kick people out of servers if they don't have the DLC. A couple months ago I was saying they'd never do it and that they would give it for free to avoid fragmenting the already declining amount of players on PC. Huge disappointment.
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    Pvt. Patrick
    wel said +1  

    treyarch can f*ck themself.
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    +1 so much
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    CoD series is death. CoD1 > CoD7 .... I return to play at CoD1 and BC2.
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