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PC Multiplayer Freeze/Crash Issue

I've been facing this issue for a long time. I tried the Activision support and they simply tells me that there is nothing they can do about this issue of mine! This is ridiculous.

I tried searching the forums and found many similar cases but there is no OFFICIAL reply or solution from the mods/devs.

ONLY the Multiplayer is giving me this problem and the random freeze is permanent whether I am playing a game or even at the lobby screen. Why DON'T TREYARCH FIX THIS ISSUE??? I can't play multiplayer game which is why I bought this game in the first place.

If there is kind soul out there who has the solution to this PLEASE let me know how to over come this stupid problem. I've tried changing the config file according to solutions available online and also tried deleting it as well after the latest patch but the problem persists!

It's the first time I am ever so disappointed with ACTIVISION. How can they publish such a buggy game and then totally IGNORING THE PROBLEM!!!