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Leveling up help

Hi, id like to level up a bit faster than i do now. Im looking for game types and classes that help you level faster.
Thanks for any responses.
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    I believe general consensus is that Headquarters and Search and Destroy will level you fastest.
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    Johnny Boy111
    Usually get a noob-ish weapon like the famas silencer (or reflex/red dot), then use like nova 6 gas and claymores, secondary should be like a m72 or rpg (pistol if good at SC)
    perks, any tier 1 perk that can get pro easily Lightweight?, 2 tier hardened is good for any type of gameplay or warlord, and hacker wont get you killed by c4 and claymore etc. (and when pro will make you not be seen on motion sensor!) and um... dont put emblems on your gun or that crap, KEEP YOUR CASH! lmao, and killstreaks, rc-xd/spy plane sam turret, napalm or CP  goodluck!

    P.s. make it like headquarters, you get points even if you die (if you have the headquarters!)
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    Switch up your classes and use guns you never use before. All the challenges you unlock get you a fat XP boost and some cod points.
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    hit 6th prestige yesterday morning, at level 28 already (about 5 hours play time) playing HQ, averaging around 15000xp a game, but if u are on a team of total meat shields back out and find a new lobby, nothing tanks your xp like retards running around with ballistic knives to protect the HQ or kids playing TDM and not going anywhere near the objective.

    right not im mostly using the famas silenced with extended mags, but i also just unlocked the aug which will be getting used more, aswell as the galil with the same attatchments running ghost, and ninja aswell, except on the aug, its scavanger SOH ninja with extended mags. oh and use the law, 150xp to take out spy planes is free xp
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    i would have 2 say is be good in the game. u dont have 2 play s&d or  headquarters. im a beast at this game and never played any of those 2 and i still lvl up quick. but its ur choice.
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    Hi, im new to the forums, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what your VIP code is supposed to be so that one could link his profile to his gaming account, thanks
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    capture the flag i think is one of the best ways to level up quicky while still having fun
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    Also try sticking to a few guns instead of buying every gun or lots of guns, the more kills you get with one weapon far outweighs getting the same amount of kills with tons of guns because of the XP obtained by hitting certain marks.