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And ze winner is...2...

Hi I'm back. Thanks for the recommendations on the tier 3 perks... Now its time for the tier 2 perks. I find all of them to be useful and even except scout, but I'm no sniper. Though I have seen a guy using a G11 VZ and switch to his pythons for close range fights and get dogs(it was pretty awesome-looking), I don't think that is the purpose to it. So... which pro do YOU use?
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    Sleight of hand pro by far... first off..the fact that you can reload quickly will help you if theres 2-6 enemies in one spot so you wont find yourself getting killed trying to reload. second, the pro version allows you to aim down sights quicker which equals quicker reflexes and thus, quicker kill.. ive used it to get attack dogs and gunships constantly so hope it helps you
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    Assault Rifles - Sleight of Hand
    Shotguns - Sleight of Hand (Stakeout, HS-10); Steady Aim (Olympia, Spas-12)
    SMGs - Warlord
    LMGs - Hardened, Sleight of Hand
    Sniper Rifles - Scout, Steady Aim

    (Bear in mind that I took the Pro variants of each perk into consideration when choosing)