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To Ghost Complainers, Haters, and Cry Babies. *Updated*

Sam Starkweather
For a reason beyond comprehension, a large influx of Ghost complainers, haters, and cry babies have been flooding the forums with unintelligent posts without any substantial evidence as to WHY the Ghost perk "needs" a nerf/ disadvantage.

A common argument of the "anti-ghost" persuasion is that "In previous COD titles, Ghost users had to make a trade off between Stopping Power (SP) and Ghost. Now that SP has been removed, Ghost has run rampant without anything to match."

That is a ridiculous explanation. Marathon is the most used perk, Sleight of Hand is second, and Lightweight is third, confirmed by Treyarch. http://www.codblackopsblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/the_numbers_mason_V2.j pg

The only practical use for Ghost is to help the user avoid Kill Streaks, and with the Pro version, it makes it so your name won't appear... That's it. It doesn't grant you invisibility, immunity to explosives, or the ability to walk through walls. No Aim Bot, No Super Jump, No Instant Kill.

I'm a twelfth prestige, and I can honestly say that I see just as many Flak Jacket users, and Lightweight users, as I do Ghost users. Think about it, which is more useful, a near immunity to explosives, or becoming undetectable to a UAV? (2/3 killstreak).

I believe that a lot of the hate for Ghost is based off on ignorance on how to effectively deal with this Play Style.
I thought I would shine some light on how to effectively kill ghost users.

I cannot believe why so many people find M203's, RPGs, and the like to be cheap, when it is a viable strategy to wreck a Ghost user.
If people don't want to be blown into smithereens, then they should use Flak Jacket, and not ghost.

I have 2 classes that are fully dedicated to only using explosives, and I get quite a few complaints.
My suggestion is this;

If you are one of the Ghost complainers, then when you notice an entire team with ghost on bust out your explosives class.
If they complain, let them know there is a perk to counter explosives, and being that they aren't using that perk, they do not have standing to complain.

So many people have fallen into the mindset that Grenade launchers are for "noobs," and I refuse to jump on that bandwagon. The M203, "under-barrel grenade launcher" has TWO grenades. Scavenger does NOT replenish the grenades, in comparison to MW2, the kill radius has been dramatically reduced, and Flak Jacket effectively reduces most damage.

In the end, all Ghost is, is a playstyle. Whether or not you want to believe that there should be a counter for Ghost, the fact is, there are many ways to beat them. Becoming a good player at this game is all about mastering all play styles, and learning how to effectively counter ones that annoy you.

Here is a class for Ghost crybabies, or those who are otherwise convinced that Ghost is "unstoppable."

Primary: (ANY AR) + Under Barrel Grenade launcher
Secondary: RPG, China Lake, or LAW.

Perk 1: Scavenger Pro
Perk 2: Sleight of Hand Pro/ Warlord Pro
Perk 3: Ninja Pro/ Hacker Pro

Lethal: Semtex or Frag
Tactical: Flash or Stun
Equipment: C4, Claymore, Jammer


We've come to the conclusion that explosives are a viable way to kill Ghosts, so the Grenade Launcher Attachment should make sense to have.

Tier One Perk

Scavenger Pro will give you more explosives. More explosives = More Ghost corpses. Additionally, this will allow you to resupply Semtex/ Frags.

Tier Two Perk

Sleight of Hand Pro will allow you to reload and aim faster. Ghosts apparently come out of the walls for some of you, so this may help immensely.


Warlord Pro will give you more tactical and lethal grenades.

Tier Three Perk

Ninja Pro, They'll never hear you coming...


Hacker Pro, for those who camp with Motion Sensors.


Jammer: Probably the most useful tool in your arsenal. If you know where a camper is holding up, drop one of these bad boys near his location. It adds an intimidation factor, disrupts his mini-map, and his equipment.

(Frequently Asked Questions/ Arguments)

"Why not just shoot down enemy spy planes and not use Ghost? You're that afraid to appear on the minimap?"
When a spy plane goes up, it usually is up for about 1-3 seconds before your team is alerted, and it takes anywhere from 5-25 seconds to actually spot it. (It may spawn out of your line of sight, i.e. behind a mountain or building). Then once you've found it, it takes 3 second to lock on, and 2 more for the rocket to actually make contact.

We are talking about 11-33 seconds of looking up in the sky, and generally being a sitting duck, every time a spy plane goes up.
Furthermore, you show up as a red dot all the while.

"Ghost promotes Camping and Slow Gameplay."
Ghost is a tool. Perks are tools. Campers select the tool they wish to use, which may often be Ghost. However, the camper will always be a camper, despite which tool he selects. Camping with Flak Jacket and Tac. Mask Pro would be a lot more efficient than camping with Ghost.

"People who use Ghost, should not be able to use their mini-map/ and or be able to use the Spy Plane."
So people who use Flak Jacket shouldn't use explosives?
And people who use the Hacker Perk shouldn't use equipment?
There are no other perks that have any disadvantage associated with them,
other than the fact that the user is unable to use another perk in that Tier.
Why should Ghost be the only Perk to have a disadvantage?

There isn't any other perk that has any disadvantage associated with it, other than the fact that selecting that perk means that you're unable to use another in that same tier. If you're for this, then people who use Hacker should no longer be able to use equipment, people who use Flak Jacket should no longer be able to use explosives, people who use Sleight of hand should switch weapons slower, and a similar disadvantage should be applied to all Perks. Ghost in Black Ops is weaker than Ghost in MW2. NOT A SINGLE PERSON complained about it then, or in any of the other previous iterations of COD. It isn't OP'd, OU'd, and it is perfectly balanced with the other first tier perks.

"After (x) amount of Spy Planes, Ghost shouldn't work."
To be balanced, if this is instated,
Marathon should no longer allow you to sprint longer after (x) sprints.
Steady Aim should no longer give you better hip firing accuracy after (x) kills.
Sleight of Hand should no longer give you a faster reload after (x) reloads.

"If you use Ghost, you should do less damage."
This makes absolutely no sense. How would your attire lessen the Killing Potential of your weapon?
This is similar to saying, "If you use Lightweight, your gun should shoot slower."

"Ghost 100% invalidates spy planes as a tool to be used against you out of the box. Flak Jacket isn't 100% immunity from explosives, Hacker isn't 100% immunity.. no need to deny them anything. Ghost is in a league of its own in BO."
Balance is a state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces.
So you believe that after 2/3 kills, you should be able to know where every single opponent is?
We might as well just set Black Bird as a 1/2 kill streak, and just eliminate the "problem" all together.
If Flak Jacket gave the user invincibility to explosives,
there would be almost no way to kill a camper that is using this perk in a one way building.

If Spy Plane made it so that everyone was visible, Sniping would become no more than a novelty.
(This game has already put sniping on the border of that)

Hacker ALWAYS works. It's purpose is to hide you from motion sensors, and allow you to see equipment through walls.
Lightweight ALWAYS works. It doesn't randomly decide to give you a speed boost.
Hardline ALWAYS works. It will always allow the user to get his kill streak with one less kill. Unconditionally.
Ninja ALWAYS works. It will always allow the user to have inaudible foot steps.

Ghost deserves to work all of the time, as if it didn't the perks would be unbalanced.

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