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Create-A-Perk & Power up

This is just a friendly thread where you post ideas of perks and power ups, and who knows, maybe the devs will see it and add in the next map or game! Also, make sure your perks are named after a type of drink

Perk: 3-Up, The ability to carry 3 weapons

Power-up: Freeze, all the zombies stop moving for 20 secondes, giving you free kills.(can help when you get surrounded by alot)
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    Perk: Angel Wings -blind zombies for a short period of time when Dolphin Diving ( after the player has dolphin dived a white light will briefly flash for the player but the zombies will be blinded for a minimum of 10 seconds giving the player a chance to run...this can be used with PHD)

    Power Up: Bargain BOOOM- when this power up is being used, any grenade thrown will multiply by 5 and any grenade launcher/ Rocket launcher shot with multiply by 2 and the player will also not lose any ammo on any of them during the time that this power up is active...it would be active for 35 seconds
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    Perk: Sellow Yellow- makes every thing cost 20% less. Cost: 6000

    Power up: Hell Sell- Makes every thing free for 10 secs.
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    Power up/drop: DIE! DIE! DIE!!!  Effects: your weapons will be stronger for 15 to 20 seconds and you get an "adrenaline" shot making you run and reload faster and get invicablitliy for the length of the drop

    Perk: Slam-o Camo Effects: Along with giving you a minimap where the zombies pop up on the map as red dots the zombies will have to find you instead of coming right at you
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    Power-Up: Guns-4-Fun:  Makes wall guns and ammo 10 points for 90 secs.

    Perk: Brew-of-Burden: Makes you able to hold twice as many lethal and tactical grenades.
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    Perk: Muscle Milk -Bullets have now 20-50% more damage.

    Power Up:Wild Card Wonder(Wild Wonder) -For 30 seconds ,everyone gets a random WW to wreak as much havok as they can.
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    perk: stopping power makes your guns do more damage
    power up: unlimited ammo for 1 round (can be used for the next round can not use more than twice in the round its in use).
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    Me and my GFs brother had the idea for a new power up.. we got it form when TANK gets a Death Machine and yells " Roid Rage"   so we thought it would b cool to have a power up called Roid Rage and be able to just like Run through zombies for like 30 sec or so but only for the person who gets it :shock:
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    Perk: Ghille- allows u to hide from zombies Yellow beams will show u where u can hide and zombies will run on like u do not exist and u can stay there unless u shoot or move 2500 pts.

    Power-up:Hell's Bells- causes zombies to hold their ears and stop moving allowing u to refill ammo, PAP, etc. and stays for the entire round when u pick it up untill u kill the last zombie in that round, works against monkies, George Romero,zombies, dogs, pentagon thief, etc.

    I would like a to have a old U.K phone booth where u need 1000 at least to enter and u can buy a attachment for your weapon ( including PAPed weapons ) like Flame thrower, ACOG, Dual mag, etc. except suppresor.
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    Perk - Candolier
    Hold twice as much ammo. Upon buying this perk all ammo is replenished.

    Power-up - Grim Reaper
    Wield the Grim Reaper Rocket Launcher.