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COTD Looking for people who want to go AT LEAST 30+

Everyone joins a lobby where the host always has to leave, so I want to try getting a game together with good players who don't have anything to do tonight or tomorrow morning.

Requirements: Age doesn't matter, that is if you don't talk ALL the time
                      Had to have made it to at least 25
                      You don't have to be a team player, just revive when you can if someone goes down
                      Not a rage quitter, If I couldn't make it to you because you're all the way across the map, don't quit
                      Doesn't want to do the easter egg, I'm tired of every lobby that I join, they always make a crawler and try to do the EE (we can do it for the later rounds to get the DG-2 so it goes by faster)
                      Must have a mic, obvious reasons
                      Must be friendly, so we can have a good time making it to a high level

Leave your GT here, because I don't want to get bombarded with messages.