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How to: Fix your rank.

Hello Black Ops fans, My name is Martin and I decided to make a topic about the Rank Problems that some people have.

~~This thread is only for the people who have rank problems with reseting to zero.

Let's begin with the fixing process:

1. Open Black ops
2. Open the server browser
3. Find a laggy server far from your location (Example: I live in Europe and I went into an Australian server)
4. Get any kind of XP (doesn't matter)
5. Open your console by pressing (~) Key , above your TAB key.
6. Write down /quit and hit Enter

Now your rank has to be: Rank 1, Prestige (your prestige before you bugged)

If not repeat steps from 1 to 6

7. Login into a server (Doesn't matter wich now)
8. Get level four (4)
9. Exit the server
10. Go into your Create a Class menu
11. Change a perk in a random class (Example change Scavenger with Ghost)
*Note your classes should look like before you bugged*
12. **DO-IT-FAST** Press "~" and type /quit then hit enter
13.  Wait 30 minutes or more and then enjoy.

You only fix your rank!!
Everything else is back to 0  and no one can return them.

**P.S** If this tutorail didn't solve your problem then I can't help you.

**Another note: Step 13 can take longer than 30 minutes.
My rank didn't recover in 30 minutes but usualy it has to.

This is not any kind of hacking guide  and Treyarch won't ban you for this.

Credits: AltMelodium  (For part 1-6)
             PCDev (Part 6-13)
This tutorial is not Copycated it's only advanced

Also require a sticky.

~Regards Spliddo.