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saw this on the craigslist forum

Guidelines for playing Black Ops (TDM) < CommonCold > 05/10 12:14:51

1. If your screen name has “beast,” “killa,” “masta,” or anything like that, you had better be able to deliver. There is nothing so sad as a player with an arrogant screen name and a KDR of 1:20.

2. Players with Swastikas on there graphics typically suck at the game (see #1).

3. If you and 5 of your teammates just died going through that door, you should probably not go through that door again.

4. If your KDR is consistently worse than 1:2 it is time to change your tactics! Try slowing down, outflanking, different weapons, stop going after goofy contracts, and for God’s sake, don’t prestige until you’re near 1:1 KDR. If you’re getting your taint handed to you when you have access to all the weapons, why do you think having less options will suddenly help?

5. When you camp, don’t sit in the exact same place in a building the entire time. Kill a guy, move to a spot that you can watch your last spot from, then kill him when he comes back to get you, repeat until he decides to stay away.

6. If your enemy is camping bad, just leave them in there. There are 5 other guys you can go out and kill. Plus, your team now outnumbers them on the rest of the map.

7. Using the M60 is like carrying a man-purse: yeah, it gets the job done, but you sure look like a *** using it.

8. Help your teammates anytime you get the chance! Revive them, cover them when they throw care package smoke or while in chopper gunner, throw a flash bang before they enter a room … in other words, stop your selfish douchebaggery and try WINNING THE ******* MATCH!

9. If you are going to use a deployable, like an RC-XD, don’t stand in the open when you use it. GO HIDE! Because if you die while using it and your team loses by 1 kill, you just snatched Defeat from the jaws of Victory, dipshit.

10. If there are only a few seconds left in the game, your team is 2 kills down, and your teammate is ripping them up with Attack Dogs and a Chopper Gunner, for the sake of all that is Righteous DO NOT RUN OUT AND GET YOURSELF KILLED NEEDLESSLY! Stay put and let the dogs and the chopper do the work… In other words: take the WIN, dumbass!

11. PRESTIGE MEANS NOTHING! Anyone can prestige. Only a precious few can consistently have a 2:1 KDR. Strive to be part of those few.