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  • 20. Re: Any "I hate my teammates!!" stories?
    PLENTY!!! and this is just from today


    - Teammate has ray-gun but cant guard juggernog. Goes down. Lose juggernog.

    - Teammate has thunder gun but cant guard juggernog. Goes down. Lose juggernog.

    - I tell anybody who is going to horde zombies with me on the main platform to go clockwise. Guess what direction they go. Everyone else down. I'm the only one up. I have thundergun and waste damn near the whole thing trying to revive the idiots. One fully bleeds out and has the nerve to scream "WTF are you doing?!!!!!!!!!!!". Mind you this is round 22 and he hasalready  gone down more times than a pornstar.

    - Teammate goes down on other side of map all by himself at the BEGINNING of the round (18). Calls team lame if we cannot revive him and "threatens" to leave if we dont. Guess we'll be lame then. He quits. He's host. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    - Everybody is dead except one person. He survives round and the rest of us respawn when next round starts. He runs in front of us and sets fire trap. Just spawned = no juggernaut. We're trapped. Zombie gangbang. He can't survive this round on his own. Game over.
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    i was playing ascension with this little  kid round two
    kid: we better get juggurnog we wont live much longer without can yall show me where it is
    me: its round 2 we dont need it
    kid:yes we do
    me: just wait little kid
    kid: no
    me: you must suck to need it this early
    the kid starts crying so i mute him 
    he sends me a message saying unmute me so i do
    kid:take me to juggernog
    kid: you must be a noob 
    me: yeah thats why youve downed 5 times before round 4
    kid: if you dont take me to juggernog ill quit
    me: we cant get to juggernog yet its only round 5
    the kid quits and the games ends cause he was host
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    fancy pants man

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    fancy pants man

    jakekozo wrote:


    dude u did not get 200 grand and u just made that **** up

    and i could kick ur ass in zombs just sayin

    thats not nice

    and i can have 200 grand at THE END OF THE MATCH IN TOTAL!!!
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    Boy I could fill this thread up with all the nonsense I've had to deal with since BO came out.

    Ok my most recent one:

    Match in CoTD
    One guy is away so I try to kill all the zombies who go for him and lure George away from him
    At Round 3 he comes back
    He dies
    He yells because we killed all the zombies and he only has like 400 points
    He "demanded" that I be his ***** and open all the doors for him I was like "**** off mate you were away for the first few rounds that's your problem don't expect me to baby you for the whole match"
    (He was talking to me because I was the only one who had a mic other than him)
    He gets 1500 points from respawning and hits the box, he gets Ray Gun and he personally came to where I was killing the zombies and started shooting them up, I just sat back and counted till how long he gets downed, it was around 19 seconds or something.
    Anyway, he yells revive and all that crap with a painful high voice, still killing the zombies with his Ray Gun
    Kid: "I'm the most important person here! I got the ******* Ray Gun you got noob weapon!"
    Me: "You look like you almost got more deaths than kills"
    Kid: "**** you!! I'm gonna tell my brother to come on if you don't revive me!!
    Me: "Ok"
    He dies with his Ray Gun, I hear screaming, unfortunately at this point I realised that he was the host because he was always at the 4 bar
    While he's spectating me and the other guys take our sweet time killing George, and I get my 5th perk, and the Wunderwaffe and he's just saying stuff I couldn't be bothered to listen to
    Anyway, as soon as he spawns he hits the box and gets a CZ75, and obviously dies
    His last line was "**** you Cobalt you ******* stupid idiot ******* prick I'm gonna tell all my friends about you and they're better than you"
    Me "All I know is I got 0 downs and you got 28, and do that, I got more than 10 times your kills"
    Kid finally quits and ends game. Sends hatemail after which I can't remember what he said but it's just some stuff which looks like it came right off some 8 year old.
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    In Der Riese i am playing with 3 ramdons with no mics

    Round 6
    1: 3500
    2: 1250
    ME: 1250
    3: 1250

    Ramdom 1 doesn't wanna open any door

    Round 9

    1: 6200
    2: 2250
    Me: 3350
    3: 1250

    Ramdom 2 opens door and 1 spanws box

    I buy jug and go to box to see that 1 got the wonderwaffe and traded it for a BAR!!!!! After that he got a teddy bear and i couldn't try the box whem i had a M1A1 garand.

    Round 11: I kill last zombie and 1 gets mad (He probrabily wanted to find and spawn box.

    Round 12: I risk my ass to get a decent weapon on box and on 2nd try i get wonderwaffe, i try to get to catwalk but zombies were swarming, i get downed and 1 is by my side and doesn't revive me whem he had Monkeys AND ray gun. Instead he just go to the catwalk to let me die. I QUIT.

    After game: i receive a msg from 1 saying:

                You're the worse player EVER!!!
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    I was searching for games for a while trying to find people who wanted to get the COOP easter egg achievement with me. I finally found a game and we got to the last step where we put the golden rod in. I didn't care what level I was going to get to so I ended up putting the golden rod in and waiting to knife the fuse while I was in the middle of the level. I thought I was safe. I put it in and my teammate shoots George and runs torward me and leaves the zombies and George attacking me. I get pinned against the wall and we all ended up dying one by one. It would not let me knife the fuse while downed. We lost the game 1 small step before we finished the easter egg. All because my teammate led all the zombies to me after shooting George.
       Took us forever to get the VR-11 too...
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    Oh my god when this happened it made me so mad. So it's round 3 and i'm guarding my window upstairs (Kino Der Toten) and i'm used to lettting the zombies in for a max ammo, so i was knifing them twice so i could just knife them once when they came out and kill them instantly...so as i'm knifing the zombies some point whore that likes stealing other people's windows comes up behind me and starts shooting my zombies, i get hit by a zombie through the window and attempt to back up....then i realize i can't because this dumbass is standing behind me blocking me in...so i get down and he kills my zombies, STARES at me for a few seconds and goes down to his window to finish the round. Even though the round was over he never came up to revive me so i ended up bleeding out. Next round he throws a grenade up to my window, (out of anger) i try to throw it back but it blows up in my hand and i get down. Thankfully he revives me, but then he throws ANOTHER grenade, i'm pissed off so i pick it up and once again get blown up from it. I am on the edge of quitting because i want to play a game with people that HELP you, not do stupid **** like he was doing. But, i manage to continue the game for one more round.  Next round I have to open the door at the top right and the random box ended up being there. Of course he uses it 2 - 3 times before i get the chance to. But when i do get to use it, i get the thundergun! Yet he had left and i got down and he didn't revive me...even thought there was like 3 zombies and he had the HK21...people are so annoying.
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    Random: *Kills the crawler*
    Me: Why the *^*&% did you do that ?
    Random: i dont have money for the box

    Aaah random people.. hate them
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    Okay so me and three of my friends had been trying to do the Ascension Mystery Man Easter Egg for about one month.  We kept failing because we never could get the weapons we needed. We wanted to try one more time, but one of my friends wasn't there so my friend got one of his other friends to play with us. He sounded like the basic cocky little ten year old who thinks he is so awesome. We were so lucky and we got every single weapon we needed by round 8. The kid had the raygun. We went to launch the rocket and told him to shoot at it. He said he was ready and we launched the rocket, but when we looked over he was shooting at the floor! We started over and got all the weapons we needed again and he got the ray gun again. We told him to shoot the rocket but he just shot the fence. We asked him why he did that and he said he thought that a ray gun could go through the fence. We decided to continue on. At round 15 our friend (the best of all of us) says he was going to go eat for 5 min. and asked if we could guard him. We went to the lunar launch pad (1st one, near power) and finished the round, but we left a crawler. My friend left and after about thirty seconds the kid said he was board and he ran off. We then see that he had knifed the crawler and started the next round. We told him to come back but he said he could handle it himself!? ten seconds later he gets downed and is on the other side of the map and we leave him. My friend we were guarding got downed too. We were able to survive the round but we died during the next round. Sometimes little kids are soo dumb! Thats why I only play with my friends that are good now.

    Ps. Play me!! Send me a friend request!!! jackwarrior34
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