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    ok so me and my 2 freinds were trying to do the mystery man easter egg but nobody on our freinds list would join so we joind a match with a random...he was about 10 years old and said he would do it...so we get to about the last 2 or 3 steps and my freind said he had to go do somthing for his parents ...so he goes to hide by pap...meanwhile we have a crawler at round 22...
    me and other freind:NOOOOOO DONT DO THAT
    random:Y YOUR NOT MY MOM
    me:HELL YA I AM
    kills krawler then rage quites
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    moral of the story, never play zombies with a cocky 10 year old
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    jakekozo wrote:


    spiderbite sucks he keeps on shooting George like a retard "Durrrrrr Duh Dur! imma kill george round with a pistol!

    I love how its possible to kill george with any gun, but the pistol needs about 20 max ammos to kill him. He just fools around and when it gets to rounds like 4 or 5, he gets serious.
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    Jackwarrior34 wrote:


    moral of the story, never play zombies with a cocky 10 year old

    ya lol
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    every game with randoms =
    round 1
    random 1: we gotta get to the mystery box
    random 2: nooooo quit shooting at my zombies those are MY zombies
    random 3 *no mic* in corner of room looking at ceiling
    round 6
    random 1: bahahah i got the ray gun omg im so happy *gets downed* REVIVE ME I HAVE THE RAYGUNNNNNN
    random 2: is the Dragunov anygood?
    random 3: jumping and doing 360's
    round 9
    @r2: throw a monkey bomb so i can revive him r2: what button do i push?
    r3: blows self up cooking grenade, bleeds out, host quits, game over

    myself: zero downs, 15 revives, zero patience left

    wash rinse repeat for endless zombie frustration
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    I had a game on Der Reise were i had 45 revives
    To be fair i had wunderaffe and monkies though
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    so me and my buddy were playing CotD with 2 split screaning randumbs, who were like a 10 year old and his older brother. This is the convo that happened around round 7.
    Me: hey guys, make sure you get juggs.
    kid 1:....haha very funny
    Me: what??
    kid 1: you know i may be young, but im not stupid. i know jugernaug kills you.
    me and buddy: wtf???
    kid 2: laughing his ass off
    so apparently the older brother convinced the 10 yr old that juggs makes you esplode  , so we spent the next 10 minutes trying to convince him that that didnt happen, while his older brother just denied everything saying "oh who are you going to believe, me or a some little boy"? (im a 17 year old girl, *face palm*) we died soon after (big surprise).
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    Here's one:

    Me and three random guys on five get to the PAP room, I have every perk, bowie knife, monkey bombs, PAP Winters Howl, PAP Ray Gun, and Claymores. Guys 1 & 2 are covering the windows in PAP room, me and 3 are by the door.

    Round 25 comes round, and I'm prone in front of 3, so he can shoot over me. Next thing I know, the dude dives on top of me, causing Sam to laugh at us and we both die instantly. Leaving the other two to be overrun instantly. Game Over. Thanks 3.
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    I was playing with 3 randoms on Kino Der Toten

    decent players... no mics... NOT! they were awful!

    by round 18, i kid you not, i had 75 revives. to justify it, i had the hk21 and m16... and i just got the hk 21 the round before...
    (by round 13 i had 50 revives)
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    Kino Toten>>

    Everyone has mics'

    rand 1..some yappy chick who's constantly asking how everyone is feeling tonight
    rand 2..her drunk boyfriend
    rand 3..some kid

    Rd. 1 >>>Im in front left window by revive
    rand. 1,2,3 are all doing laps up and down the stairs playing tag and lobbing grenades at each other.  All 3 rands. decide to help me out at my window instead of their own.
    rand. 1,2 go down while 3 still shooting zombies at my window.
    me..hey kid, you wanna go kill some of em zombies behind us and revive them guys
    kid..no, they should of stayed at their window or with the group
    rand 1,2 die
    Rd. 2 >>> Same scenario as before
    rand. 1,2,3 all doing their laps up and down the steps
    rand 1,2 each buy a wpn from the wall
    rand. 3 decides to come back to my window while lobbing grenades in every direction.
    rand 1,2,3 all die.
    Rd. 4 begins >>>
    Still in the front room at my window with rand. 1,2,3 still playin their games.
    rand. 1 says " I dont think Svenout likes us, he's not running around like us....
    rand. 3 says, " He's not a very good player, the zombies all head straight for him because he's sitting in the same spot all the time".
    rand. 1,2,3 all die and all are b*tchn at me for not reviving them, cuz now they all lost their weapons they bought off the wall....
    Rd. 5 begins>>>
    me...when are we going to leave this room? we should start opening up doors now.
    rand. 1...I dont have the money
    rand.2...babbling incoherently
    rand.3...I need my money for the box.
    sometime during Rd. 5 rand. 1,2,3 all decide to make a run for it and open up the doors without telling me.I'm sitting there in the front and I start to hear the mystery box music......they had opened all the doors up to the stage and were hitting the mystery box there...
    me....when were you guys going to tell me you had left and opened doors?
    rand.3..hahaha told you he's not a good player.!
    rd.6 begins >>>
    head straight for the bowie knife and buy it
    rand.1..wtf are ya doin buying the knife for?!
    rand.2..still babbling incoherently
    rand.3..hahaha he suxs
    all three go down on the stage.
    me..I manage to get rand 1 up but she gets dropped again, rand. 2,3 die out.
    Rd. 8 begins>>>
    I hit the teleporter switch and head to the front to open the door so I can set the teleporter..in the mean time these 3 idiots are doing laps around the movie screen on the stage !! and still lobbing grenades at each other and me !!!!
    me..why the f*ck are you guys wasting ammo and grenades like that?! stop throwin them at me !!
    rand.3..we're all experts, we know what we're doing noob !!
    I set the teleporter up, and they all decide to take the ride upstairs just as the lvls are switching!! Not one of them have a boss weapon or the money to PaP it !! They start throwin what few grenades they have left at.........NOTHING !!!
    I survive the round by just doing laps around the building.
    Rd.10 begins>>>I finally hit the box, which by this time has jumped from the stage to the alley. I open the doors and draw crappy weapns and end up wasting most of my money.
    Rd.12 begins>>>same as last, fools are all doing the usual thing..the laps around the screen and grenades.Im in the front fighting off my mobs when I see all three of them come right up from the theatre and dump off every zombie that was behind them on me..
    me..Im down, can someone please revive me?
    rand.3..we buisy running hahahaha
    I die and in the process loose my perks,monkey bombs,and knife.
    they all die while running.
    rand.1.hahaha that was fun, lets do this one again !!
    rand.3.he wasnt good and we lost the game because of him.
    me..whatever kid, im the one who kept reviving your ass...remember?
    rand.3..I never died, i had all my guns till i died at the end!! You suck !!
    rand.1..lets just play one more game and see how far we really can go!!
    Next game begins>>>
    Im in the same window and just as I suspected nothin would change....
    rand. 1,2,3 all doing their freakin laps up and down the steps and lobbin grenades..
    me..Seriously guys...are you f*ckin me me or what?
    rand.1..no, why?
    me..cuz you guys should be standing at your windows
    rand.3.we know what we're doin noob!!
    me..ok kid
    Rd.6>>>by this time ive got bout 5 k worth of money, and i've had enuff.
    I wait for rand.1,2,3 to all go by the window by the theatre entrance and I run for it..
    me..Ya know what, since you f*ckers seem to know what your doing, lets see how you get out of this one.I run and hit all the doors just after Rd.6 starts..
    rand.1..What are you doing ?!
    rand.3..Noooooo !!
    me. since your all experts and im the noob I thought I'd just speed this up a bit.
    rand.1..are you mad at us? what did we do to you?
    All 3 of them died somewheres in the back half of the building.Once again the mystery box is on the stage and I hit it. I draw the Thunder Gun.I then run over to JuggerNog and back up into a corner facing the stage.
    Rd.7. begins>>> they're all scrambling to get to the box cuz they have no idea where it is.they all die trying to get back to where im standing by juggernog.Rand. 1,2 die right in front of me.
    Rand.1.are you gonna revive me?
    rand.3. Im on the stage!!  I have the laser gun, save me !!
    I let them all die.
    Rd.8 begins>>
    rand.1...why didn't you revive me?
    rand.3...You suck !! I lost the ray gun, you suck !!
    rand.1..are you sure your not mad at me? are you ok?
    me..I was buisy fighting. ( snickering to myself )
    They all die again in front of me.
    (group)...save me !!
    me...f*ck you, maybe you guys should learn how to play instead of screwin around like that.
    Rd.9 begins>>>
    I start to run and do a lap around through the hallways.Rand . 1,2,3 all right behind me. I stop at the stakeout shotgun on the wall, turn around and look at them.
    me...now lets see how well you do without me, the noob in the game.
    rand.1. your not leaving are you? we're doing great.
    me..you guys suck, good luck with your game.
    * I got some hate mail from the kid still saying that I sucked and that he would never,ever,ever play again with me.That chick, random 1 kept asking if I was mad....roflmao.
    Now, I just instanly leave if I hear a kids voice or see people doing laps around the steps or throwing grenades at each other.  If by chance you see me leave your group dont take offense.......Unless your one of them people who do laps around the movie screen