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Help Guys! I need a song!!

As most of you know, I make tomahawk montages. I have about 30 of them. But im running out of songs to use. So, I need your help. Here is my song list of my vids:
Sublime: what I got
Everclear: Father of mine
Jackson 5: I want you back
Descendants: 'Merican
Bad Religion: modern man
Red Hot Chili peppers: sir psyco sexy
Kansas: Carry on my wayward son
Styx: Renegade
Public Enemy: your gonna get yours
Cee Lo: F**K YOU
Bon Jovi: Wanted dead or alive
AC/DC: Shoot to thrill
OMC: How Bizaar
L L Cool J: Im bad
Kanya West: Jesus Walks
Skid Row: Monkey business
The Game: State of Emergency
Michael Jackson: PYT
Lynard Skynard: Free Bird
CCR: Fortunate son
Tommy Tu tone: Jenny 867-5309
The Game: The documentary
Tupac: Still Ballin'
Journey: any way you want it
The DOC: The grande finally
Jackson 5: stop the love
DMX: Where the hood at
NWA: Real N!ggaz dont die
Thats all of them, so as you see I use a wide variety of music. But Im kind of stuck now on what to use next. I have a very good bank shot compilation coming out soon and I need the perfect song. Was thinking Panic by Sublime or Dammit by Blink 182. I Need a 3 minute song.
So, guys please help. If I choose your song I will give props to you at the end of my vid.