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Around the World Annihilation release times.

Ok so to ease all of your pain i have taken the time to get the release time for all time zones across the world (This is according to if the DLC is released at the same time as the others) the times go as follows.

PST: 2:00 AM
MST: 3:00 AM
CST: 4:00 AM
EST: 5:00 AM
Hawaii: 11:00 PM June 27th Sorry i missed that

And for your pals over Seas
U.K., Ireland, Iceland, etc. - 10:00 AM
Germany, Sweden, Italy, etc. - 11:00 AM
Finland, Greece, Israel, etc. 12:00 PM
For this you have kratos-2144 to thank
Your welcome 


Please try and keep this up in the forums when it reaches the bottom give it a bump so we dont have threads constantly asking when it will be released :P
Thank You!