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Will COD be on onlive?

Hey guys, just came across this thing on the internet and signed up for a UK beta, its called onlive and lets you stream unlimited games for 10 dollars a month, homefront is on there along with other games but don't really know much details.

Supposedly been out in USA for a while but this is my first time hearing it so does anyone know if COD will be on there or even battlefield because it sounds like a really good deal and if you go on youtube and see it in action it works like a regular console, it even says it will work on ipad and facebook, imagine that, cod on the move 
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    That almost sounds as good as proper sentence structure on an interwebz forum. Almost...
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    I prefer to buy my games rather than rent them.
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    I'm not too sure if CoD will be on there or not but onlive isn't for gaming on consoles, it is straight up streaming the games. You can buy their own little console thing which the game content streams to their own console box then to your TV. I've also heard things about their PC side of gaming which means you don't need a fast PC at all to play on your PC because the game is actually run on their servers but is then streamed to your own PC and then the controls you enter go back and are entered into the server and pretty much you are playing on a long distance PC server. The game is never downloaded on your own PC, it is on their server. That is how I heard it runs.

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    To not think that this is the future of video gaming, and to not want a part of this sounds absurd. This is the direction that music industry and now the movie renting industry is moving. I'm Uber excited to have the game industry take this giant leap as well. They have the technology, it works. Just because its not to your standards or your liking doesn't mean its not functional. The only problem in this whole ordeal, is that developers, and publishers like Activision wont join them.Just think, no piracy and no matter what the developer gets profit from the game, because the middle man like Gamestop and its affiliates are cut out from the equation.That's not even it in its entirety. So I urge all who view this to go to the Onlive web site and educate themselves on a true gem the video game industry has on its hands.  EA and many others are in and I'm all in.