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Yes! I get Rezurrection 4 free!

Oh yeah! I could pee in my pants write now I'm so freaking exited. Even though I'll only be getting 1 map, a theme, and a few soundtracks for free. But that's still pretty cool. I was hoping Activision/treyarch would do something like this. No more sitting there for like 20 minutes just to find a freaking match on der reise " for black ops". I'm hoping treyarch will put some "extra" things/easter eggs/ may be even trophies in the re-mastered waw zombie maps since those of us who already have the waw zombie maps for black ops have to "re-download" it. Or may be they will be the same. Can't wait for you guys to play the re-mastered waw zombie maps. I know a lot of people are complaining cause they already have those maps from waw but the re-mastered version in black ops "to me" is better. Like the thunder gun, ray gun and monkeybombs is in natch der untoten(monkey bombs are in all 4 of the maps) and the gameplay is smoother and less glitchy.