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WwN trying to branch out to NORDIC gamers (Recruiting)

Hey guys,
Before i tell you about us, i'm looking for someone that is really good and wants to be the leader of their own WwN squad. Things you will have to do is...
- Recruit
- Run a GB team
- Practice with your team
Things you will get
- Meet New people
- Become a better player
- Get your own page on our website (website is still being made-sorry)
i'm the leader of WwN. The clan stands for World Wide Nukerz. It's kinda lame but we are definitley one of the best and most organized clans out there. We are having a hard time finding good players that meet are standards, so we got about 11 people, so far. We also have a seperate clan for australian and irish players. We enjoy playing together and winning together. We play with strats and callouts, for organization. We also do GB (GameBattles) We like to screw around after every GB because, trust me it's pretty stressful when you lose. If you do make it, you will get a free WwN Wristband. It is like the livestrong one but it's white and says WwN. We would appreciate if you give us a chance.
PSN: blue_banana735 (i know itz a wierd PSN, but my cousin piked it when he was 7)