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Corner Campers Episode 7 is Up (BEST YET!)

*UPDATE*-Episode 7 is UP!

Hey guys. Recently me and a couple of the forum-goers decided we were going to make a podcast about Call of Duty, specifically Call of Duty Black Ops for the Wii. Yesterday, Nintendon't, BlackopsWiiUser1990, KaiserDemon, and myself GromBloodboy, all worked on it for a couple hours. We have actually created a finished product we would like to share with you guys.

Download Link: Downloads an MP3 to your computer, which you can import to Itunes and put on your Ipod.
Streaming Link: A website where you can listen to the podcast right off the internet.

Episode 0 (8/14/11)

Cast:GromBloodboy, Kaiser Demon, Edson, and Nintendon't.
Subjects: MW3 Announced, What is Right and What is Wrong with BO, What they didn't bring over from MWR and W@W to BO that they should have, Hidden Masters, Ghost's Objective Tournament, and Double vs. Triple Capping.

Episode 1 (8/21/11)

Cast:GromBloodboy, Kaiser Demon, Edson, and Nintendon't, Semperfi550, Cover-Fire Fry
Subjects: MW3 Expectations, Theories, and Predictions, Bipods on Snipers and LMGs, Underrated Weapon and Perk combos, Call of Duty XP, and CCP vs. Wiimote Debate

Episode 2 (9/6/11)

Cast: Kaiserdemon, Nintendon't, Bitterbub, Thepenguinz
Subjects:Kaiser's departure from the podcast, Is rapid fire in MW3 a good idea?, Sleight of Hand Pro vs. Warlord with Dual mags, Discussion about Zelda Skyward Sword, and Penguin sings?!

Episode 3 (Part 1)

Cast: GromBloodboy, Edson, Nintendon't, Bitterbub, Momskirbyok, Semperfi550
Subjects: Part 1 of an in depth look and analysis of the MW3 multiplayer player reveal at COD XP.

Episode 4

Cast: Nintendon't, Semperfi550, Cover Fire Fry, Fissure, Smile, Bitterbub, Momskirbyok
Subjects: New PDP Wii mic announced, Grom's 3v3 tourney, Reminiscing on W@W and MWR, Recording gameplay, The Youtube side of the Wii community, some MW3 talk, MOAR zelda skyward sword discussion (lol bitterbub has a massive hardon for this game) and a debate on Frags vs. Semtex vs. Tomahawks.

Episode 3 (Part 2)

Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Flippy, Bitterbub, Momskirbyok
Subjects: Part 2 of a look at the multiplayer reveal at COD XP

Episode 6

Cast: Nintendon't, Desimahdin, Semperfi550, Bunnyz, Bitterbub, TheGrinchWii
Subjects: Kid gets strangled after talking crap on black ops, New MW3 private game modes, discussion about Wii's breaking, the horrifying truth behind energy drinks, evolution of COD Wii, and a debate on one of the most controversial issues of human history, Pepsi Vs. Coke.

Episode 7

Subjects: We have a "chat" with Activison support, Treyarch's new game on the Wii U?, How to properly use airstrikes, A discussion about Camping, Why no Gas in MW3?, Sh*tblock's new Job with Activision, a debate about whether Ghost is really Gaz, and finally a discussion about who's more badass, Reznov, Price, or Pink Captain Falcon?! 0_o

Cast: Grombloodboy, Nintendon't, Semperfi, Desimahdin, Dafightingrobot, and SH*TBLOCK.

Intro/Outro music by the master troll himself, Padiego.

Please, offer us some critique, tell us what you want to talk about, and drop a post if you want to be a guest. I hope you guys enjoy our work.

How to Upload to Itunes: Save the file in the link to a folder of your computer. Open up Itunes. Go up to File at the top left corner. Select Add File to Library. Select the desired podcast from the folder you saved it to. Enjoy.

Informational Text: This is not an advertisement. We intend to use this thread as a way to communicate with the community on what they want to hear next, what they think of what we said, if they want to sign up and be guests. This is a discussion thread that will be updated with new podcasts when they are aired. I want to make this extremely clear, we are not trying to advertise here. This was created fully with intention of sponsoring discussion among members of the community on various topics in the game. Foxhound, if you think this is advertising, and wish to lock/delete it, please, can you first contact me in this thread so we can discuss how we can still use this forum as a place to discuss the podcast. I would hate to see this thing taken away from the community.
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