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Barcode in trailer easter egg (updated)

Hi Everyone,

in the beginning of the new trailer there is a plaque saying call of duty zombie labs but directly underneath that there is a barcode and i bet you if we decode it we may find something or a hidden code. for those of you who think that it may be nothing, let me ask you this:

1. Why would they put a barcode underneath the words call of duty zombie labs if they wouldn't want us to decode it
2. treyarch never puts a barcode in a trailer so if they put it in now it must be something they want us to take a look at
3. zombies director Jimmy zielinsky (not sure if it is spelled right) said that "everything in zombies could have a hidden meaning what you may think is a spelling mistake may be there for a reason" (referring to the name of the dlc pack "reZurrection")
4. if it is just there as part of the live action trailer why would the workers at CODZL have to scan a plaque of their workplace, why not just have the barcode on a paper, highly inefficient dont you think?

For those of you who don't know it is possible to decode a barcode from an image and I need someones help for this as I cannot be bothered to spend alot of time doing it:

What you need to do is:

1. get a high quality picture of when you can clearly see the barcode
2. crop it down so that you can only see the barcode
3. maybe sharpen it up a bit so that the lines are clearly visible
4. upload it to an online barcode decoder
5. reveal the numerical code.

it would be funny if it was revealed as: 115115115

let me know if anyone is up for the job.

p.s. we may have to wait until it gets uploaded to youtube for a high quality HD image of the barcode

let me know what you guys think of this and if you think it is there for a reason or if it just adds atmosphere to the video

Thank You


for those people who don't believe me i have provided links for the images but to obtain an effective barcode out of it you would need to edit the picture a bit and sharpen it up a little etc.

these logos and barcodes are slapped everywhere in the video there must be a purpose to them. here are the links:


What i actually need is for someone to go through the first few seconds frame by frame and find the best quality image (because the quality varies with each passing second) and find the best image so that we can decode it.

Also here is something to cheer you up for anyone who hasn't seen it (still funny 100+ times) :