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The OT Bar ~Updated~

Welcome to M2's OT Bar! I understand that there are multiple bars out there, but hear me out. Not only is this a bar, but we serve PIE! You can also throw you pie in a blender, and make an alcoholic fatty drink! Please note that these aren't for noobs. Nobody here wants fat, drunk, noobs.

We have ALL drinks, but to name a few:
Margarita, Ale, various Wines, Coconut Martini, and some PhD Flopper.

Also, our Staff are great. Here is the list:
M2TheT - Manager/Bartender
CraftyShot - Bouncer
Cookie_Monstah - Advertiser **Do your job!**
GamerzGirl - Backup Batender

The only thing left to mention is the look of the place.

From the outside, enjoy a nice view of our amazing town! Actually, the town is polluted, but only from the back of our shop.

We have great lighting, and we just dusted off the dark corner. We also fixed the tables and chairs. I heard some drunks tried kicking the seats before they sat. The end result was the seat tipping...

Anyways, remember: You are supposed to have fun, so enjoy the drinks, and have a great time.
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