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Great Nacht Der Toten Strategy (no link)

What I have devised are (what I think) two very great ways to survive to at the least 20th round on Nacht Der Toten for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

Solo Strategy
-As soon as you spawn, check all windows for zombies but do not shoot them.
-Let the zombies come through the barriers (You get points for rebuilding them), shoot each zombie 3-5 times in the legs before knifing for extra points.
-Round 2 you should have enough to open the Help Door. Do not clear the debris on the stairs, open the help door.
-Again, let the zombies break the barriers for points, but this time do not shoot before killing them, you will want backup ammo.
-Round 3 you should have enough for the Mystery Box. Buy this once. What you recieve depends on what you do next.

If you recieve a Karg98, Arisaka, M1 Carbine,  Gherwer 43, or any other low value gun, take it and continue using your pistol for points.

If you recieve a high value gun with lots of ammunition per clip such as a 50 cal or Browning, take it and continue using your pistol to conserve ammo. As soon as possible, clear the debris on the stairs in the second room and buy a Trench Gun off of the wall upstairs and use the new weapon. Rounds past ten you should camp at the Stielhandgranates upstairs. Start using your 50 cal or Browning here, going for max ammo's and such when they appear. Do not clear the debris on the stairs next to you, this will make it harder to defend the camping spot.

If you recieve a Ray Gun, buy the Thompson off the wall and trade for your pistol. Run and gun. In a pinch, pull out the Ray Gun and knock some heads.

If you recieve a Wonder Waffle, try for the Ray Gun and use that strategy, but do not buy the Thompson (If you get a Ray Gun the first few times you hit the box).

Any other gun, just run and gun.

-Try very hard for the 50 cal/Browning strategy, I have been to round 39 that way.
-The Ray Gun/Wonder waffle strategy works very nicely also, my highest round using this strategy is 24.
-If you recieve any other guns than the camping and Ray Gun strategy guns, keep using the box and hope for the best.

Good luck, UndeadAssasin111

I am very sorry for any misspellings or errors, and I hope this strategy helped.