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So this movie came out I think about last year. Had a couple friends say how awesome they thought the movie was when they saw it in theaters. Well I never really seemed to care for it because it just look like a stupid ripoff from Jaws. So the other night it was airing on SHOtime so I figured I'd finally watch it.

First off this movie has some nice Tn'A in it but the movie suck bawlz! I can't stand movies that are so fake and way out there. Ok, I played along with there being mutant piranha but the stupid crap they did to escape them or fiend them off and the physics of some of the crap just didn't sit well with me.

The one guy jumps into the shallows and rips a motor off the back of a small boat and hold it up with just the prop in the water as he revs the engine and blenders all the fish. Ok, ya it seems cool but how the hell is that guy supposed to stand there strong with that engine revving in the water when you use it to power a f*ckin boat.

http://cinefantastiqueonline.com/wp-content/uploads/Piranha-Ving-Rhames-power-m otors-the-fish.jpg

There's many more parts I can't stand but I know it's just a movie. I gotta say that Jaws was more believable then this movie.