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    vims1990 wrote:


    I keep hearing good things about the Juggernaut Support Pointstreak (not the Assault version).

    Even if you are just carrying just a riot shield, you're pretty much a tank and the surprising thing was that players at COD XP noticed that it can be a game changer especially when the player using the juggernaut pointstreak is pushing back the opposition whilst your team are capturing points in domination.

    Here is a Q&A that I had with II FOXHOUND II about some concerns that he had with MW3 and since he played MW3 at COD xp, he would be able to give some good insight on MW3. Here is the link to it as well 


    Natas2057 wrote:
    Hello Foxhound. I just have one question, you said that you disagreed with MW3's mechanics. Can you explain on some of the things that you liked/disliked about MW3 if you do not mind. I would just like to know from someone who has played the game already and no matter what, I will still purchase MW3 even if you made valid points on to why you disliked MW3 because that is your opinion and I will have mine but I do have some concerns about some of the things that I saw as well from the MW3 multiplayer footage. Thank you for your time.

    II FOXHOUND II wrote:
    I really do not like the support class of point-streaks. The fact that my points do not reset after death irritates me. A quality player could keep the enemy teams location known and their mini-map completely dark. To me that provides an inherent imbalance. In theory, that is definitely not the case. All you would need is a set of launchers and a counter player with the SAM turret KS in the same situation. I'll be doing that. No way am I letting the spam of killstreaks end my team's reign.

    Kill-stacking for KS. I was told that was back by other participants. I don't like that. I hate it actually.

    Juggernaut suits. Very irritating if you think about it. Especially since the health regenerates according to others. Imagine a Jugg sitting on a domination spot or grabbing the flag. Sure they may be slow but I rather not risk the possibility of a "guaranteed" objective claim.

    Weapon balance. It feels like every engagement happens too quickly. In Black Ops, if I took fire I could potentially take cover. In MW3 it feels like I was zapped with a ray of death.

    Honest Truth: I'm more worried about the psychology behind the theories than the actual game play. I can adjust as needed, but a lot of things I don't agree.
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