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When problems exist, why do some say move to another game?

The current problems affecting W@W are well known. I've been reading many posts over the past month and have noticed many posters saying things like 'if you not happy, stop playing, move to another game'. Are some people to dumb to realize that many players like W@W because they have no interest in modern warfare games. I for one prefer WW2 games and i have many, especially the Medal of Honor range. I have never been interested in COD MW, MW2 or BlackOps and i never will. If COD was to bring out another WW2 type game i would be queing up to buy it because thats what i like.

I get the impression that both many posters here, as well as the publisher and developer have no idea that there could be players out there who are not interested in the latest COD product and therefore just love to play W@W. This is why some of us have the passion they do when it comes to talking and complaining about the game. W@W is the best WW2 game out there by far and will continue to do so until a competing product comes to market. At the moment those of us who love WW2 games have no choice but to stick with W@W but believe me, when a competing WW2 game comes on the market which can give COD a run for it's money then us W@W gamers will be off and leave W@W to die an unhealthy death due to lack of support all the companies involved in the game have given to it's players with the current problems in mind.