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Mountain Dew Double XP promotion for MW3

So a purchase my Diet Mountain Dew this morning, which is the first of at least 3 that I will drink today, and there is a MW3 promotion on it for Double XP.  I log into the website, and it says that you can register an account starting on October 11, 2011.  I look at the rules, and it says that you can log up to 750 codes, and the codes for the 20 oz. bottles that I consume are worth 15 minutes of double XP.  I was like, "Holy Crap!  I'll be 10th Prestige after the first week.  I keep reading, and it says that the maximum number of time for double xp per account is 24 hours.

WTF?  Now I'm no math whiz, but if the smallest increment of time for a code is 15 minutes, and there is a maximum of 750 entries, how the hell did they come up with 24 hours as a maximum? Since .25 is the decimal equivilent of 15 minutes, I figure:

.25 hours X 750 entries = 187.5 hours (or 7.81 days)

I didn't read the whole terms, so I might be missing something, or I may have misinterpreted what I did read.  Along with not being a math whiz, I am also not the brightest crayon in the box.

Regardless, I figure that 24 hours breaks down into 96 codes.  At 4 a day, I should max out before the stupid game even comes out...

If you care, more info can be found at DEWXP.com.