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After 11+ Days, First Time FAMAS User

Figured I'd make my first post to add to the FAMAS debate. After over 11 days of playing Black Ops with a 2.20+ KD I hate the FAMAS. It is the gun which kills me the most and I feel like the gun has an unfair advantage. Nothing annoys me more then being killed by it. It seems like it kills me quicker then any other gun and I have a very good internet connection.

So I decided to finally give it a go even though I hate everything about it, the look, the sound, and I feel dirty using it because I feel I have an unfair advantage.

And WOW its unreal how easy it is to kill with it, I wish I had used it continuously from the beginning. Hip fire is excellent, fire rate is excellent, and it can be used at a long range as easy as the G11 or M16. There is definitely a large advantage with this gun and it is OP. The biggest advantage IMO is the hip fire, even without steady aim its very easy to get kills. This gun should have been nerfed for good a long time ago!
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    It seemed like a pretty bad gun the times I tried it.
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    Totally agree. I just can't bring myself to use the Famas cause I would feel like too much a douche bag. It kills way too fast and easy.
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    I too started using the famas after 10+ days because i got 10,000 kills with the galil and figured it was time to try something new. I now have 9000 and those next 1000 cant come faster. It definitely wrecks people at close range but i do prefer the galil at long to medium ranges.

    Im going to rock the commando after 10000 with the famas on medium to long range maps and the aug on close quarters maps.

    I can quit being a famas douche as well.
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    I got just over thirty days played and I didn't start using the Famas until around fifteen days in.  I didn't like the feel of the gun.  I never once and still don't think the Famas was overpowered.  It is a great gun but it is not overpowered.  Anyway, along with the Commando, I have just over 10,000 Kills with these two guns.  The Galil is not far behind at just over 8000 Kills.  I have been preferring the AUG here lately.  I have just over 4000 Kills with it.  I just go for what I like at the time.
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    I had felt the same way too! I REALLY hated the Famas, to the point where I made my emblem, profile, etc anti-Famas. At the time my favorite gun was the Galil at 4000. After the patch, thinking the Famas would be less "douchey" to use, I started using it and oh my god... I noticed my kd raising dramatically and it was unbeliavable. The patch made the Famas have LESS recoil... Before it would shoot straight up and to the right. Now, it just has no recoil whatsoever. Within weeks my new favorite gun was the Famas. I guess those were my tryhard days. Now I just run stupid setups and set challenges for myself - mix things up abit. I honestly don't see how people think the Famas isn't OP.
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    C LA S S I K
    Stop complaining, the connection is way more OP when it's good then the famas can be. The commando is very good too, same for the galil.