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My opinion on BF3

My bought the game so I'l just give you things that happen to be crappy and good IMO


+Beautifull graphics

+Team based gameplay


and thats probably it for the good side


-Realism and destruction is limited compared to BC2

-AI can commando lunge (literally) if you disturb their safe space

-Lasers and flashlights affect teammates

-A lot of CoD inspired things like :

a. Mission where you control a UAV which is similar to "Death from Above" in CoD4

b. "Switching to your pistol is always faster than" tip info which can be said to be a refference to the tutorial level in CoD4 and MW2

c. Sniping mission which can be said similar to "All ghillied up"

d. Mission in Paris WTF?

-Glitch filled campaign

-Confusing login system

-Lack of guide on how to change rate of fire and turn off/on attachments (like flashlight or laser)

-Less vehicles (unless you're talking about Caspian Border)

-Lack of new awesome gamemode.


If you want to buy this game for MP then go ahead but beware of these 2 things : Across the map campers in prone and glitches