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Poll.  Which sniper rifle will you start quickscoping with.

that's an actual poll i found on the internet.   without actually having played the game,  if that's any indication of what's to come,   i can see this website crashing from the amount of angry call of duty fans.


i think it'll be an awesome game,   and hunting down and shooting quickscopers out of the way to reach an objective will be an added challenge.


when quickscopers become a nuisance though,  i use my counter sniper class.   which is a sniper rifle and anticipating a spot where the average half-wit quickscoper is most likely to show up and long shotting him from across the map.


there's nothing like that feeling that by the time he saw you,  he was already dead.    that's the fun and skill of sniping,  not hopescoping and spamming bullets.