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So on May 26 2011 i sent this e-mail to Robert Bowling.


Topic has been removed due to a person logically convincing me it was merely i coincidence i thought of the idea.


Ipokeureyes made a valid point at bottom of discussion:


"to all those calling bs....check the date he claims to have sent it....may 26th of this year.....6 months before release....They wouldnt of had time to discuss the idea raised in the e-mail at a senior level....and then discuss with the designers/programmers how to correctly implement it into the game...and then figure out the exact level/speed of gaining proficiency....and then design the actual interface for it...and then write it into the game programme....and then test it all out to see if it works...and then fix any issues...and then test it again....they wouldnt of had time to get it done as a surprise for release...never mind in time for a trailer...of call of duty XP


Never mind the fact that with 6 months left until release.....no lets make that 4 months for the XP event....they wouyld of all been working their *** of to get it ready in time anyway...never mind throwing in a new concept to be included in the game months before it needs to be ready"


You are right. It was just a cool thing i thought of it back then and at the same time they were probalt in the midst of finishing up the details on it. It makes me all the more wanting to buy it!


You sir have won.