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Some of that old COD4 spirit please


I played most of the older Call of Duty games going back to my PS2 days, Modern Warfare COD 4 was the first time I ever played Online and I was absolutely blown away by the Experience.

The Buzz of interacting with my new found community was an experience I will never forget, meeting new friends, foes ( little f) and adversaries was a really good experience.  We used to have really good chat, banter and arguments but generally with a Positive angle on them.


As Call of Duty has evolved i have noticed a more Negative angle on communications, tactics in game lobbies,youtube, forums etc.

Don't get me wrong I can trashtalk as well as anyone, but would prefer that we could get back to that old spirit and make MW3 an experience to remember.


Comment on what you want the future of Call of Duty MW3 to be, because as far as I am concerned things have become a little negative mostly on Black Ops and I strive to become part of a Positive community once more

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    i know that you are talking and I agree. everything is great when it's new. as it gets used, it starts to get abused(see what i did there. i am a genius). I would just ignore the shitty things and  move past them and try to have agood time.


    P.S.:I would use a different/default font color next time. killing my eyes

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      Noted about the colour, cheers


      Not really worried, more of an aspiration.  Definately gonna have a good time

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        Bigger the community, the worse it is. Call of duty actually has a pretty decent community  compared to most online communities that are made up of nothing more than trolls and whiners.


        Talking trash has gotten way out of hand. It is only done now to troll and try to provoke a reaction which is nothing more than harassment. Atleast xbox 360 monitors this and is  reportable to microsoft. Having a mic should come with responsibility. Calling everyone ni****s and fa**ots isn't.

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          Thank you.  I totally agree that I dont want to hear all that.  I know I have the option of turning off my mic or whatever but I don't know why I should have to alter the way I play because of someone like that. 


          COD4 was amazing.  I love every map in that game.  For the most part it's perfect.  

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    I agree with you 100%. The more customers they pick up the worse it get for the Vets. Games become alot less enjoyable to me. I am hyped up every year fro the next installment, yet after time playing it...mehhhh the community begins to ruin it for me. This is all my observation mind you.


    This new one will {IMO} take it to a lower level. This game will cause less team work for the reasons of Support/Specialist, lonewolfs will go italone in certain game modes to just make it to where they can through those packages. I my honest opinion, the climax of CoD since it became the new thing with these new consoles was the first six months of MW2, before the exploit of OMA/DC. The Javelin glitch and CP glitches were never that serious and they got fixed. They are beginning to cater these games to the NoObZ.


    Poinstreaks not reseting, SP built in, Hope Scoping back. Im sure there are more but these jump right out at me.

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    have to agree

    i think what made cod4 amazing was partly due to the maps. There wasnt a 'bad' map that i remember. Yes there was spawn trapping etc but each map had its own playstyle, tactics and style to it. In blops even though the maps wernt terrible, the maps didnt have that x factor or something to remember it by. Also cod4 weapons were good, no really OP weapons, some were better than others (eg mp5 etc) but not ovver the top OP. Best multiplayer experience ever.

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    I've never tried MW1 online because I never had a highspeed connection til I got to school this year. But I have the game. Should I give it a shot before MW3 comes out?

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    I totally agree. I have a group of people I roll with, and while it is fun playing with people who can win 95% of pub games, the amount they trash talk is actually starting to counter-act that. They commonly use things they accuse others of using and often act like childish hypocrites. I've gotten to the point where rather than raging at n00bs I try to send messages and help them become better players to raise our bottom line. The problem is that CoD is becoming more like a bar and less like a game that you can just mess around in. I want to play with good people, but also people who are respectful and can lose gracefully and end a game withh "GG" rather than "**** YOU NOOB SCRUB N- ******!!"


    Part of the problem with XBL I suppose...

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    Immature 10 year olds who think it is funny to act stupid in front of all their friends is what happened to the community. It's a shame, but like others have said, more publicity opens the game to a wide variety of people.


    @potato_gunner - Yes, you should definetly try cod4. I went back to in MW2 and patially throughs black ops and currently what I play. Once you play it for a minute and get the hang of everything, it is truly an amazing game.