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402 confirms day one use of prestige tokens

Just a heads up to people; 402 has confirmed that those of us who have prestige tokens through previous games will be able to use them DAY ONE. know what that means for me lol : 3 extra custom classes, and the ACR unlocked at level one!


Heres the proof some will undoubtedly ask for:





evlmnke11 Justin Inman



@fourzerotwo Is the prestige shop accessible at any time or only when you prestige?


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fourzerotwo Robert Bowling



@evlmnke11 It's accessible anytime as long as you have Prestige Tokens to use in it. So if you have 4 tokens on day 1, you can use them.


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charlieINTEL Victor



@fourzerotwo @evlmnke11 I thought the prestige shop is unlocked at rank 80? So it's available "day 1" out of the box?


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@fourzerotwoRobert Bowling



@charlieINTEL @evlmnke11Prestige Mode (the ability to prestige) is unlocked at 80, but if you have tokens already. The stores open.