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Now i understand some people like the new changes and some people do not. However, when it comes to realism, people have to realize one thing about the game. The game is BASED on realism. This doesn’t mean everything about the game has to be realistic. An example to back this up is movies. There is a very big difference when a movie advertises its film as, "Based on a true story." and, "A true story".


I have read many threads about quick scoping stating that its unrealistic and that a person in real life would not do a 720 off a barrel to shoot someone. However, this is a game BASED off of realism. This game does not simulate REAL combat.


However those people who say that quick scoping should be takin out of the game may also say the game DOES in fact simulate real combat. Lets be honest, if the game simulated real combat, quick scoping would not be in the game, half the perk would not be in the game, the maps you play on would not be in the game.


This game, as stated in one of the videos on this site, was to compliment every playing style in the game. Quick scoping, although argued to be not, to me is a playing style.


I can drag this on for awhile, but this seems to be getting a bit lengthy and im sure this is enough to say my point. My reason for creating this post is to state that there shouldn’t be any flaming coming from the community (only constructive criticism). You play the game and adapt. Not cry and flame your rage on forums to devs about how bad an idea.