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Mw3 Maps after the 4 hour livestream.

How do you guys feel about the Maps on Mw3 that we seen so far? I have to say they is REALLY detailed more than Bf3 for 360. Im feeling its more detailed then Mw2 maybe better graphics? My god I wanted to play just by watching the 4 hours.


-Survival seems boring to me zombies seemed boring but I never played it so I guess Ill give survival a try-


Also lets talk about the structure because map structure means alot in FPS especially for COD titles.


The Danger Spots dont seem to be as big and when you run and gun on Black Ops and Mw2 it feels unsafe. Mw3 seems to have made every map tight but at the same time make alot of underground routes(Maps Favor Objective type gameplay I find it useful and im a TDM player.)




What you guys think about the maps?


Do you think Mw3 will be a success??